James Comey

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Rubio Doesn't Get the Shock Over Trump

'People got what they voted for'

(Newser) - Surprised by the week the White House has had? Sen. Marco Rubio isn't, and doesn't quite get why you are. During a Sunday interview on Face the Nation, he reminds Americans they "got what they voted for," noting that Trump's White House is not much... More »

Comey to Testify Before Senate Intel Committee

Former FBI director has agreed to testify in an open setting

(Newser) - Former FBI Director James Comey has agreed to testify before the Senate intelligence committee after Memorial Day, the AP reports. The committee's chairman, Sen. Richard Burr, and the ranking Democrat, Sen. Mark Warner, announced Friday that Comey will testify in an open setting before the committee. The date of... More »

Russia Investigation Looking at Sr. White House Official: Report

And Trump told Russian officials firing Comey took a 'great pressure' off him

(Newser) - President Trump told Russian officials that firing James Comey took a "great pressure" off him in regard to the ongoing investigation into his campaign's possible collusion with Russia, the New York Times reports. He also told Russian officials the former FBI director was "crazy, a real nut... More »

Deputy AG Stands by Comey Memo

But some lawmakers unsatisfied by meetings with Rod Rosenstein

(Newser) - During meetings with lawmakers Thursday and Friday, Rod Rosenstein stood by the memo that may or may not have been the reason for James Comey's firing, the Hill reports. "I wrote it. I believe it. I stand by it," the deputy attorney general said. However, Rosenstein said... More »

Comey's Friend: Trump's Hug Spoke Volumes

Benjamin Wittes says president's strategy was to make FBI chief his pal

(Newser) - The New York Times has a front-page story Friday detailing how former FBI chief James Comey tried to instruct President Trump about the proper boundaries that should exist between them. The story, for example, says that Trump called Comey soon after taking office and wondered when word would go out... More »

FBI Front-Runner Was on Democratic Ticket in 2000

But not all Democrats are fond of Joe Lieberman

(Newser) - The emerging front-runner to replace James Comey as FBI director was the Democratic candidate for vice president in 2000—but Joe Lieberman may now get more support from Republicans than his former Democratic colleagues in the Senate. President Trump confirmed Thursday that Lieberman was one of his top picks, despite... More »

In Another Surprise, Chaffetz to Quit Early

Reports say Utah congressman will leave in June

(Newser) - Rep. Jason Chaffetz surprised the political world last month when he announced that he wouldn't run for re-election. Now the conservative from Utah apparently has another surprise: Sources tell Politico that he won't serve out his current term and will instead leave office on June 30. He's... More »

Trump: No Other Politician Has Been Treated So Unfairly

Meanwhile, Senate committees want to see Russia memos

(Newser) - In the wake of the revelation that President Trump allegedly tried to meddle in FBI affairs , the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee want to see James Comey's memos. Leaders of both committees have asked the FBI to turn over any such memos relating to Comey's... More »

Comey Memo Shakes GOP

Trump could face obstruction of justice case

(Newser) - President Trump is no stranger to scandal, but reports that he asked former FBI director James Comey to halt the investigation of Michael Flynn may have taken things to the next level. The report may have been the last straw for congressional Republicans, who appeared to be shifting against Trump... More »

Comey Memo: Trump Tried to Meddle in Flynn Investigation

A memo written by Comey details February meeting with Trump

(Newser) - President Trump asked James Comey to stop the federal investigation into Michael Flynn, according to a memo written after a February meeting with the president by the former FBI director. "I hope you can let this go," the New York Times quotes the memo as saying. Comey, in... More »

Trump’s Comey Dismissal Not a Popular Move

Only 29% in new poll approve of Trump's firing of FBI director

(Newser) - A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows unfavorable views of President Trump’s move to dismiss FBI Director James Comey. The poll, conducted among 800 adults, found that only 29% of Americans approve of Comey’s dismissal, though Trump’s overall approval dropped only one point from last month’s... More »

Clapper: US Institutions 'Under Assault'

Former DNI has dire words about Trump's firing of Comey

(Newser) - The former director of national intelligence minced no words Sunday in describing "our institutions" as being "under assault, both externally—and that's the big news here, is the Russian interference in our election system," Clapper told CNN in addressing James Comey's firing as he investigated... More »

These 4 People Are Being Interviewed for FBI Director

One of them's not sure he wants the job

(Newser) - President Trump has stepped up his search for an FBI director to replace James Comey and he says he might name his choice by the end of next week. Insiders say Trump is looking at around a dozen candidates, four of which will be interviewed at the Justice Department Saturday.... More »

After Trump Tells of Comey Dinner, New Version Emerges

'New York Times' account says president sought loyalty pledge, didn't get it

(Newser) - In an interview on Thursday, President Trump described a dinner with then-FBI chief James Comey soon after he took office. Now the New York Times has a different account, based on people who heard about the January dinner afterward from Comey himself. The big takeaway: Comey said Trump pressed him... More »

New Yorker's Comey Cover Is Generating Buzz

Jeff Sessions is the airport cop

(Newser) - A New Yorker cover generating a lot of buzz likens former FBI director James Comey to somebody else who suffered a very controversial removal: United Airlines passenger David Dao . The cover for the May 22 edition shows Comey being dragged off a plane by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a... More »

Acting FBI Chief: Russia Probe 'Highly Significant'

Plus other takeaways from Andrew McCabe's testimony

(Newser) - Former FBI Director James Comey has said his official goodbyes , but the story on his firing is far from over. The person garnering the most attention Thursday was Acting Director Andrew McCabe, who testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee at a public hearing and tried to clarify some of the... More »

Trump: I Was Going to Fire 'Showboat' Comey Anyway

President says he was going to fire FBI chief before critical memo

(Newser) - This might take some heat off Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has been cast as something of a villain in the firing of FBI chief James Comey. President Trump tells NBC News that he planned to fire Comey anyway, even without the critical memo written by Rosenstein. "I... More »

Deputy AG Doesn't Like Being Cast as Villain in Comey Firing

Rod Rosenstein has reportedly threatened to resign

(Newser) - An unfamiliar name has suddenly become much more familiar this week in the wake of the James Comey firing. It's that of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has emerged as a leading, if reluctant, figure in the controversy. Rosenstein wrote a memo to President Trump that criticizes Comey... More »

Sources Say Trump's Anger With Comey Was 'White Hot'

As Comey releases a farewell letter to some FBI staff

(Newser) - Fired FBI chief James Comey sent a farewell letter to selected staffers Wednesday and he urged them not to dwell on the reasons for his abrupt departure. "I have long believed that a president can fire an FBI director for any reason, or for no reason at all,"... More »

Senate Committee Issues Rare Subpoena in Russia Case

Michael Flynn declined to hand over documents voluntarily

(Newser) - The Senate Intelligence Committee stepped up its investigation of alleged Russian meddling in last year's election Wednesday and subpoenaed former national security adviser Michael Flynn. A Senate historian tells NBC News that this is the first time the Intelligence Committee has used its subpoena power since the congressional investigation... More »

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