USS Kitty Hawk

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Russian Bombers Harry US Ship

Yank fighters scramble to intercept jets

(Newser) - US fighter jets intercepted Russian bombers near the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz south of Japan today, Reuters reports. In an apparently tense moment, one of the Russian "Bear" bombers flew over the deck of the carrier. Four US F18 fighters took off from the Nimitz to escort the hostile... More »

China Nixes Another US Navy Port Call

USS Reuben James won't dock in Hong Kong for New Year's

(Newser) - China has turned down another US Navy ship's request to make a port call in Hong Kong on New Year's Eve, bringing to three the number of vessels caught up in the dispute. The denial, announced today, accompanied China's last-minute decision last week to bar USS Kitty Hawk from visiting... More »

China Fires Back at US in Diplomatic Feud

Beijing blasts arms sale to Taiwan, honor for Dalai Lama

(Newser) - Tensions between the US and China took a turn for the worse today with China making clear that its refusal to let a US Navy carrier dock in Hong Kong was deliberate and not a simple "misunderstanding" as characterized by the White House. Beijing said "erroneous" US activities—... More »

China Spoils Holiday Reunion for US Sailors

It denies permission for Kitty Hawk to stop in Hong Kong

(Newser) - China put a damper on Thanksgiving for 8,000 US sailors and airmen, Reuters reports. Beijing denied permission for the USS Kitty Hawk and its support group to stop in Hong Kong, where hundreds of relatives had gathered for a holiday reunion. Beijing eventually relented, but it was too late—... More »

4 Stories