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Snowden Elected Rector at Glasgow University

Students show their support for former NSA contractor

(Newser) - Taking office may be a little tricky, but Edward Snowden still supported students at Glasgow University in Scotland who elected him their new rector. The NSA whistleblower said he was "humbled by ... this historic statement in defense of our shared values," the Guardian reports. Indeed, it was a... More »

No. 17: Scotland Approves Gay Marriage

First ones are expected to take place in the fall

(Newser) - Scotland's churches want no part of the move, but the Scottish parliament today overwhelmingly approved gay marriage, reports the BBC . Scotland becomes the 17th country to sanction the marriages, with the first ones expected to take place in the fall, notes the Guardian . The Scottish Catholic Church and the... More »

King Arthur Was a Scot, Lived in Swamp: Historian

Amateur historian says claims proven "beyond reasonable doubt"

(Newser) - Scotland may have a new, ancient celebrity to call its own, according to an amateur historian. In a new book , Adam Ardrey claims King Arthur was actually Arthur Mac Aedan, the son of a Scottish king, whose "Camelot" was not Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, but a Scottish marsh—and... More »

'Scene of Horror': Copter Crashes Into Glasgow Pub

At least 1 dead, toll expected to rise

(Newser) - At least one person is dead after the crash of a police helicopter through the roof of a popular pub in Glasgow, Scotland, last night, which sent injured revelers fleeing through a cloud of dust in what witnesses called a scene of horror. Officials say the toll is expected to... More »

Scots Debut Independence 'Blueprint,' Vow 'Revolution'

Country would keep queen, pound

(Newser) - Ahead of its Sept. 18 independence referendum , Scotland has unveiled a 670-page document (available here ) laying out the foundations for the proposed country. "This is the most comprehensive blueprint for an independent country ever published," says Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond. "We do not seek independence... More »

Scotland to Exit UK on March 24, 2016?

That's the selected 'Independence Date'

(Newser) - Scotland has no decision yet, but it does have a date. If citizens vote in favor of exiting the UK , the country could become an independent nation on March 24, 2016. The BBC reports that the date is presented in a government White Paper to be published on Tuesday; the... More »

New Beer Is Stronger Than Vodka

At 67.5% ABV, brewers claim it's the strongest in the world

(Newser) - Forget knocking back a few cold ones—any more than one of these brews and you'd be out cold. A Scottish brewery has released a new beer it claims is the "world's strongest," the Daily Record reports, and at a whopping 67.5% ABV, it probably... More »

Rare Viking 'Thing' Found Under Parking Lot

Just the 2nd such site in the UK, dated to 11th century

(Newser) - Archaeologists have uncovered another parking lot find , only this time it's in Scotland, and what they discovered is best described as a "Thing." Yep, that's the technical term for a Viking parliamentary gathering site, one of which has been unearthed in the town of Dingwall. That... More »

Missing Nazi File Surfaces, Answers Questions

Sheds new light on Rudolf Hess' ill-fated UK peace mission

(Newser) - A dossier containing documents believed to have been drawn up by Nazi Germany's Deputy Fuehrer Rudolf Hess while in captivity in the UK has resurfaced at a Maryland auction house . The 300-page file, marked "Most Secret," helps settle some long-held mysteries about "the Third Reich's... More »

Teen Kills Himself Over 'Skype Blackmail': Mom

Perpetrators allegedly threatened to reveal chats to his family

(Newser) - Police are looking into the death of a Scottish teenager who appears to have killed himself after being blackmailed online, the Guardian reports. Daniel Perry, 17, chatted with someone on Skype who he thought was an American girl. His mother said police have learned that blackmailers threatened to show his... More »

Scotland Razes Tallest Structure

Inverkip chimney was 778 feet tall

(Newser) - Some nations spend decades building soaring structures that claim the title of tallest ... and then there's Scotland, which has just spent two years plotting how to correctly blow up its loftiest structure. A 778-foot chimney at Inverkip Power Station was Scotland's tallest freestanding structure up until yesterday, when... More »

World's Oldest Calendar Discovered in Scotland

Predates previous 'oldest' by 5K years

(Newser) - The oldest calendar known to exist was created some 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia—but it's looking positively youthful in the face of a new find in northern Scotland. A dig at Warren Field in Aberdeenshire in 2004 is just now giving up its secrets, with archaeologists revealing... More »

Celebrated Scottish Author Dies of Cancer

Iain Banks dies days before final book hits the shelves

(Newser) - Scottish author Iain Banks has died barely two months after revealing that he had late-stage bladder cancer. The 59-year-old—who alternated mainstream fiction books with sci-fi novels written as Iain M. Banks—was widely seen as one of the best British writers of his generation and tributes have poured in... More »

For $1.2K, Club Will Let You Peep Into Ladies' Bathroom

Scotland police investigating

(Newser) - Be careful if you're a woman at Glasgow's Shimmy Club and find yourself having to use the restroom: It's installed with a two-way mirror, and clubgoers who want a look are charged as much as $1,200 to peep in. After complaints, Scotland's police force launched... More »

Vatican Sends Disgraced UK Cardinal Away for 'Penance'

Keith O'Brien was felled in sex scandal

(Newser) - The Vatican yesterday ordered a disgraced Scottish cardinal to leave Scotland for several months to pray and atone for sexual misconduct , issuing a rare public sanction against a "prince of the church" and the first such punishment meted out by Pope Francis. The Vatican said Keith O'Brien , once... More »

Loch Ness: An 80-Year-Old Conspiracy?

A Scottish academic trawls through 1,000 eye-witness accounts

(Newser) - Is the Loch Ness monster harmless folklore or a clever conspiracy to lure tourists? An academic may shed light on the question with his analysis of 1,000 eye-witness descriptions of the alleged creature, the BBC reports. Marine biologist Adrien Shine notes wryly that several spotters were proprietors in the... More »

Priests in Scotland 'Out of Control Sexually': Ex-Adviser

Alan Draper accuses Church of hiding sex crimes

(Newser) - More bad news for Catholics: A former child-abuse adviser for the Catholic Church in Scotland says its priests have been "out of control sexually" for decades, the Telegraph reports. Alan Draper, an ethics lecturer at Dundee University, says Church leaders were "unwilling" to reveal priests who led "... More »

$750K of Whisky Poured Down Drain

Mix-up at Chivas plant sent more than 4K gallons into sewers

(Newser) - Who knew the Pogues' "Streams of Whiskey" was more than just a metaphor? A mix-up at a Chivas Brothers plant in Scotland in the wee hours of Tuesday morning resulted in around 4,750 gallons of whisky—about $750,000 worth—getting flushed down the drain, reports the Scottish ... More »

Scotland's New Hero Is Man in Giraffe Suit

Armstrong Baillie does good deeds around country; got idea 'on the loo'

(Newser) - While sitting on the toilet, a jobless Scottish man had an idea: Why not dress as a giraffe and do good deeds for people? Now, Armstrong Baillie has developed a reputation as the Good Giraffe, and as said animal he's done kindnesses like cleaning beaches, giving runners bananas, and... More »

Scottish Independence Vote Set for 2014

Cameron, Salmond announce deal for referendum

(Newser) - The countdown to Scotland's referendum on independence from the UK officially began today, as British Prime Minister David Cameron arrived in Edinburgh and signed an agreement with Scottish leader Alex Salmond, the BBC reports. The deal settles the terms of the 2014 referendum on whether to end the 305-year-old... More »

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