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Church of Scotland OKs Gay Marriage for Its Ministers

But they still won't be able to perform gay marriages

(Newser) - The Church of Scotland has voted to let its ministers enter same-sex marriages—though it says it "maintains its traditional view of marriage between a man and woman," the AP reports. The church's general assembly voted Saturday to allow congregations to "opt out" from traditional teaching... More »

Man Teaches Pug Nazi Salute, Is Charged With Hate Crime

Markus Meechan, 28, trained girlfriend's dog to raise a paw to slurs

(Newser) - A 28-year-old Scottish man insists it was all a joke "to annoy my girlfriend," but his video of himself training her pug to make a Nazi-like salute has landed him in the slammer on hate crime charges, reports the Guardian . Markus Meechan posted the video, which he calls... More »

2-Year-Old 'Miracle' Twins Drown in Koi Pond

The boys were conceived using IVF

(Newser) - Two-year-old twins Shaun and Rhys Scott were "full of love, happiness, fun, and cheek," their parents say. The boys died Saturday morning when they fell into a koi fish pond that was on the property where they lived in Dalgety Bay, Fife, in Scotland, the Telegraph reports. Parents... More »

She Tried to Run Across a Sea—and Almost Made It

Lindsey Russell traveled 17 miles in an inflatable ball

(Newser) - A British TV host tried to run 20 miles across the Irish Sea. She nearly made it, too. Inside a 10-foot-wide inflatable ball attached to paddles, 25-year-old Lindsey Russell set off from Donaghadee in Northern Ireland at 6:30am on Thursday in an attempt to raise money for Sport Relief... More »

'Rambo' the Elephant Gores Tourist to Death on Thai Trek

Hot weather may have played role in agitating elephant that killed Scottish man

(Newser) - A Scottish tourist was gored to death by an elephant that he and his 16-year-old stepdaughter were riding on the resort island of Samui, Thai authorities tell the AP . A police lieutenant says the animal threw Gareth Crowe and Eilidh Hughes to the ground during a trek on Monday. The... More »

Floods Leave Castle 'Teetering on the Brink'

Scottish baron forced to flee ancestral home

(Newser) - After more than 450 years overlooking Scotland's River Dee, Abergeldie Castle is on the verge of being washed away by it. Floodwaters have eaten away the riverbank in recent days and the 16th-century castle is now teetering on the edge, Discovery reports. John Gordon, the Baron of Abergeldie, was... More »

UK Ruling: Trump a '3-Time Loser'

Court dismisses motion to block wind farm near his golf course

(Newser) - Donald Trump may be riding high here in the US, but he's just lost a battle across the pond. The UK's highest court dismissed his motion to block construction of a wind farm in view of his Scottish golf resort in a unanimous decision on Wednesday. Former Scottish... More »

Drunk Russian Ran 7K-Ton Ship Aground in Scotland

At full speed, because why do things in half-measures?

(Newser) - Did you hear the one about the drunk Russian sailor who walked into a bar and ... no, wait, this particular Russian sailor downed half a liter of rum, got behind the controls of a 7,000-ton ship, and proceeded at full speed to plow it directly into a tough-to-spot little... More »

Ancient Tree Has 'Surprise' Sex Change

The Fortingall Yew suddenly sprouts berries

(Newser) - One of Europe's oldest surviving organisms is having a "sex change"—and growing pretty red berries to boot. A yew tree in Scotland that's thousands of years old has grown three seed-bearing berries, marking it as "female" for the first time on record, the Guardian... More »

Your Cat May Really Want You Dead

Study compares domesticated cats to African lions

(Newser) - Cats are fluffy little creatures that like playing with string and lying on their backs for a tummy rub. They're also neurotic predators that might suddenly kill you if only they were bigger, according to one interpretation of a study on cats. The study , by University of Edinburgh researchers... More »

27 Years After Lockerbie Bombing, 2 New Suspects IDed

Scotland, US want to interview Libyans they say worked with al-Megrahi

(Newser) - Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, the sole suspect convicted for the 1988 bombing that brought down Pan Am Flight 103, killing 270 people, died in 2012 —but now Scotland and the US say they've set their sights on two other Libyans they want to question in the attack, the BBC... More »

Airline Plans to Offer $69 Flights to Europe

Norwegian Air wants to tap into lower fees at smaller US airports

(Newser) - It's hard to find a one-way ticket domestically for $69, but if the CEO of Norwegian Air has his way, a ticket for that much may soon be available between Europe and the US, NBC News reports. Bjorn Kjos' master plan is to connect flights from smaller coastal US... More »

Owner Spends $750 on Surgeries for 2 Goldfish

Star and Nemo are reunited and recovering in their tank in Scotland

(Newser) - With another doctor administering anesthetic and a nurse on hand to keep an eye on heart rates, the attending surgeon in a hospital in Scotland recently pulled off two complicated operations in the same day. The team's patients: a pair of pet goldfish who both had cancer, LiveScience reports.... More »

Lost Sherlock Holmes Story Found in Scottish Attic

Tale written in 1904 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had appeared in fundraising pamphlet

(Newser) - It's been a treasure trove of recently discovered writings from famous authors: first Harper Lee , then Dr. Seuss , and now Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. An 80-year-old man in Scotland says he found a long-lost Sherlock Holmes story that appeared in a 1904 short-story collection, the New York Daily News ... More »

Rowdy Women Arrested at Fifty Shades Screening

Patron allegedly attacked for shushing drunk patrons

(Newser) - A Valentine's Day showing of Fifty Shades of Grey got particularly crazy—and not in a BDSM way—when a male patron was allegedly assaulted, the Daily Record reports. He apparently told a group of rambunctious, inebriated female viewers to calm down at a Scottish theater, and they "... More »

Fossils Reveal Scottish Sea Monster

Scotland's first known ichthyosaur discovered

(Newser) - It was the size of a motorboat and looked like a "sinister dolphin," reports Discovery News in describing Scotland's first known—and newly discovered—ichthyosaur. In 1959, Brian Shawcross came upon prehistoric bones on the Isle of Skye; the amateur fossil hunter donated them to Glasgow's... More »

Dog Dumped at Train Station With His Things in Suitcase

Scots trying to trace neglectful owner

(Newser) - Abandoning an animal is wrong—even if you leave it with its belongings, say animal welfare authorities in Scotland, who are trying to trace an owner who left a young dog tied to a railing outside a train station next to a suitcase that contained a pillow, a toy, some... More »

Suck It, Scotland: World's Best Whiskey Is From Japan

First time Scotland hasn't appeared in top 5

(Newser) - Each time a new edition of the World Whisky Bible comes out, you can expect to see a Scottish distillery at the top—but the 2015 version is full of firsts. A Japanese whiskey has stolen the No. 1 rank for the first time, while no Scottish whisky even made... More »

Woman Examines 'Dried Blood' in Nose, Finds Leech

Daniela Liverani apparently picked it up in Vietnam

(Newser) - After a Scottish woman suffered a motorcycle accident during a backpacking trip to Vietnam, she figured the dark thing sticking out of her nose was just dried blood. Instead, it was something even less appealing: a three-inch leech that had been in her nostril for a month, the Daily Mail... More »

Russia: Hey, That Scottish Vote Was a Little Fishy

Vote-counting room was too big, for one thing

(Newser) - Russia, the world's defender of territorial sovereignty, thinks pro-independence Scottish voters might have gotten robbed in yesterday's vote. Moscow sent four official observers to watch the votes being counted in Edinburgh, and they don't think things were up to snuff, reports the Huffington Post UK . Among the... More »

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