Santa Claus

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North Pole Elects Santa Claus

He plans to help at-risk Alaskan kids

(Newser) - Santa Claus has been chosen to represent the people of North Pole. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that a man whose legal name is Santa Claus won a write-in campaign for an open City Council seat in the 2,200-person Alaska town. He began campaigning in his red velvet suit... More »

Santa Claus Is Running for North Pole City Council

A vote against him gets you on the naughty list

(Newser) - Apparently tired of working just one night a year, Santa Claus is running for North Pole city council. OK, so it's just a man whose legal name is Santa Claus living in the tiny Alaska town of North Pole and not the actual Father Christmas. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner ... More »

Merry Christmas: Pot Coming to North Pole

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas—for potheads, proponents of medical pot

(Newser) - Christmas 2016 could be a merrier one in North Pole, where residents in the town whose light poles resemble candy canes will be able to put marijuana on their Christmas list. That's North Pole, Alaska, where the city council rejected a measure Monday that would have banned marijuana dispensaries.... More »

Hot on Santa's Trail: NORAD

Annual Santa watch is growing, depending more on social media

(Newser) - Volunteers at the North American Aerospace Defense Command are monitoring Santa Claus as he makes his storybook Christmas Eve flight. So far, NORAD says it used the heat signature from Rudolph's nose to "track" St. Nick over spots ranging from Australia to South America and on to the... More »

Cops: Detroit Santa Shoots 2

And in NJ, an elf is charged with being a little too merry

(Newser) - A not-so-merry incident took place yesterday morning at a Detroit gas station, culminating in a guy dressed as Santa allegedly shooting two other guys. It all started around 2am when, "apparently, there was an argument over Santa's girlfriend—Mrs. Claus," one officer explains. "One of the... More »

DC Santa Shot in Back by Pellet Gun

And barely misses a beat as helpers step up

(Newser) - Grandma may have escaped that perennially reckless reindeer this year, but somebody with a pellet gun got the better of a guy playing Santa in southeast DC, reports the Washington Post . "Man, this is awesome," Xavier Hawkins was crowing just before he was shot in the back yesterday... More »

Black Santa at Macy's? Yep, But Hard to Find

Blogger Amy Nelson somehow tracked him down

(Newser) - Megyn Kelly may never find him, but there's a black Santa Claus tucked deep in the heart of Macy's. What's interesting is just how deep. Blogging on Animal New York , Amy Nelson entered the Santaland exhibit of the 34th Street Macy's, where she saw "traditional... More »

Dear White People, You Can Have Santa

Amer Zahr: But we olive-skinned people will keep Jesus, thanks

(Newser) - The latest, though probably not the last, word in Megyn Kelly's Jesus-and-Santa-were-white brouhaha: Arab-American comedian Amer Zahr lays out his case in Time that Santa was, in fact, white and therefore white people can have him. For example:
  • "Santa has the complexion of an egg. He is obese,
... More »

No, Fox, Santa Doesn't Have to Be White

Megyn Kelly takes flak for comments about Santa and Jesus

(Newser) - Megyn Kelly is being roundly mocked and lambasted online today for a segment last night in which she asserted a little too matter-of-factly that Santa Claus is white. In response to a Slate article in which Aisha Harris proposed a more racially inclusive Santa—a Penguin perhaps?—Kelly said, "... More »

Mall Santa Charged With Feeling Up Elf

Herbert Jones pleads not guilty to indecent assault, battery

(Newser) - It looks like Santa Claus may be on the naughty list this year: A man who played St. Nick at a Massachusetts mall has been barred from the shopping center after he was charged with groping an 18-year-old woman playing an elf. Herbert Jones was released on $1,000 bail... More »

What Santa Needs for Christmas: 12M Elves

Distribution experts work out what massive delivery program requires

(Newser) - What happens when the magic of Santa Claus and Christmas meets the cold reality of modern supply chains and logistics? You get a massive distribution network that requires 12 million employees, some 40 times bigger than FedEx, reports NPR . NPR asked experts at FedEx and UPS how Santa might pull... More »

NORAD Drops Google Maps for 'Santa Tracker'

Google launches its own map for St. Nick

(Newser) - After five years of tracking Saint Nick, Google and NORAD are going their separate ways. The North American Aerospace Defense Command announced this week that it was now working with Microsoft Bing to follow Santa's worldwide progress, the Guardian reports. Google has launched its own "Santa tracker" including... More »

Santa Accosts 'Naughty' Paul Ryan

Kris Kringle wants tax cuts for middle class only

(Newser) - Santa Claus is, according to voters, a Democrat —so is it any surprise Paul Ryan is on his naughty list? "Santa," aka an activist from, ambushed Paul Ryan on the Capitol Hill steps recently to let him know that if he doesn't support an... More »

Santa Is a Democrat, Say Voters

No word on Rudolph

(Newser) - Seems the North Pole is a blue state. According to 44% of American voters, Santa Claus is a Democrat. Some 28% say he's a Republican, and another 28% aren't quite sure, finds a survey by Public Policy Polling . And when it comes to the naughty-nice spectrum, Mitt Romney... More »

Mall Fires Grumpy Santa

He wouldn't let one kid sit on his lap

(Newser) - Ho ho ... humbug? A mall in Maine has sacked Santa Claus after children and parents complained he was rude, grumpy, and wouldn't even let one child sit on his lap. Jessica Mailhiot and her 6-year-old daughter, Chantel, went to see Santa this week, and told a local TV station... More »

'Secret Santa' Gives $100 Bills to Sandy-Hit Residents

Anonymously hands out cash in NJ, NY

(Newser) - A wealthy Missouri man posing as "Secret Santa" stunned New Yorkers, handing $100 bills to many in Staten Island who had lost everything to Superstorm Sandy. The anonymous Kansas City businessman is giving away $100,000 this holiday season, and he spent yesterday in New Jersey and New York... More »

Guy Arrested After Telling Kids Santa Doesn't Exist

Busted on public intoxication charge

(Newser) - An Ontario man who thought it would be fun to walk along a Christmas parade route telling kids there is no Santa Claus got his comeuppance: He was busted for public intoxication. Cops on Saturday received complaints about the 24-year-old man, who was easy to find because he had "... More »

Beard Traps Abseiling Santa

He was left dangling over British shopping mall

(Newser) - The holiday season didn't get off to a great start for one luckless Santa Claus in England, the BBC reports. As he abseiled inside a shopping mall as part of its Christmas lights switching-on ceremony, his beard got caught in the rope and he was left dangling for 30... More »

'Postman Santa' Wins Standoff With US Mail

Letter carrier who threatened to 'go rogue' allowed to don red suit

(Newser) - After getting some bad publicity, the US Postal Service has decided not to prevent a kindly, bearded man from wearing a red hat and jacket as he makes his mail deliveries. For the last decade, letter carrier Bob McLean had worn a Santa hat and jacket during the holiday season,... More »

Hostility Grows Over Dutch Blackface Xmas

Activists oppose 'Black Pete' Christmas character

(Newser) - One newcomer to the Netherlands says her worst faux pas is to question "Black Pete"—the little African slave who helps out Santa Claus. The Dutch react "in anger and frustration," and even defend their tradition of dressing up publicly in blackface, writes Jessica Olien on... More »

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