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Real-Life Pepsi Gesture Also Gets Poor Reaction

'Not a good move,' says Portland's mayor

(Newser) - A man has proved just how ridiculous it is to think that a can of soda can defuse a tense situation, as Pepsi's ridiculed ad would suggest. At a city council meeting in Portland, Ore., on Wednesday, a man identifying himself as Carlos Enrique addressed Mayor Ted Wheeler, who... More »

City Councilwoman Quits Over the Word 'Christmas'

Charlene Storey walks out on Roselle Park's city council

(Newser) - A city councilwoman quit her job on Thursday over the word "Christmas"—then made an apparent deal to return to work, the Star-Ledger reports. Charlene Storey, a councilwoman in Roselle Park, NJ, resigned after council voted 4-2 to change the name of its tree-lighting ceremony from "A... More »

Mich. Elects First Muslim-Majority City Council in US

It's in the formerly Polish-dominated Hamtramck

(Newser) - Polish-Catholics made up 90% of Hamtramck, Mich., in the 1970s, but much has changed since—including a city council that's mostly Muslim after Tuesday's elections, likely making it the first US city to have a Muslim-majority council, the Christian Science Monitor reports. A local community leader tells the... More »

Rob Ford Knocks Down Female Councilor

Toronto's mayor gives Pam McConnell a fat lip 'by mistake'

(Newser) - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford strikes again—literally. During a wild city council meeting that saw hecklers and the mayor exchange nasty remarks, Ford charged across the floor and knocked over councilor Pam McConnell, apparently by mistake, the Globe & Mail reports. "The mayor ran through me," said McConnell,... More »

City Councilor Considered 'Too Hot,' Denied Seat

Nina Siahkali Moradi may have upset Islamic conservatives

(Newser) - Is Nina Siahkali Moradi too sexy for Iranian politics? The 27-year-old candidate won a city council seat in the city of Qazvin, but has been mysteriously disqualified at the last minute, the Independent reports. A senior Qazvin official said that "we don't want a catwalk model on the... More »

Pols Charged With Plotting to Fix NYC Mayor Race

State senate leader, city councilman arrested

(Newser) - The president of New York's state senate and a New York City councilman, along with a handful of others, have been arrested amid reports of a plot to fix the city's mayoral race. Malcolm Smith, a Democrat who is the first black state senate president, was reportedly mulling... More »

Booker Maneuver Sparks Near-Riot at City Hall

He casts rare vote on council to help political ally gain seat

(Newser) - A dramatic scene at Newark's city hall last night: During a meeting to appoint a new council member, Mayor Cory Booker pulled a behind-the-scenes move that caused outraged citizens to storm the dais, knocking over a podium and prompting police to use pepper spray, reports . Two candidates... More »

Guy's City Council Race in Tie After Wife Doesn't Vote

'I didn't think one vote would matter,' candidate says

(Newser) - They say every vote counts, but how often does that actually turn out to be true? In Walton, Kentucky, it most definitely held true on Tuesday—and probably in the weirdest way possible. When Robert McDonald's wife—who works nights and is also going to school and raising three... More »

Drunk Wasilla Pol Trashed Hotel, Billed City

Guess what famous family he's friends with?

(Newser) - A burned hotel room mattress, ruined bedding, a urine-stained chair, vomit on the carpet … but no, this was not the handiwork of a rock star on tour. Rather, Wasilla City Councilman Steve Menard apparently got a little crazy on a business trip—then slipped the city the bill for... More »

Colorado Springs Becomes Tea Party Paradise

Cash-strapped government shrinks and shrinks

(Newser) - Just how conservative is Colorado Springs? So conservative that even the Wall Street Journal says it’s “Taking Small Government to the Extreme.” The town is strapped for cash, but voters have rejected a tax increase, urging the government to slash services instead. Letters to the town council... More »

Man Pops Question During Gay Marriage Hearing

See, Kanye, this is an interruption the crowd actually liked

(Newser) - A stuffy DC city council hearing might not be most people’s idea of a romantic place to get engaged, but maybe the chance to be a YouTube celebrity made it all worth it for Andy Hertzberg and Andy Rollman. That, or they were hoping to drum up sympathy for... More »

Backyard Chickens Ruffle Neighbors' Feathers

Low-cost organic egg dispenser, or messy nuisance?

(Newser) - Backyard chickens have polarized the city council of Salem, Ore., as residents argue over whether to legalize keeping the birds in home coops, the Wall Street Journal reports. It’s one of several such disputes around the US, with some extolling the virtues of a source of free eggs and... More »

'Stalking' Victim Is Barry's Ex

(Newser) - Marion Barry’s lawyer says the woman he was arrested for stalking on Saturday is his ex-girlfriend, and that the two had been together earlier that day, the Washington Post reports. Police say they took Barry into custody after a woman said he was “bothering her”; ex Donna Watts-Brighthaupt... More »

DC Cops Charge Marion Barry With Stalking

Woman says scandal-plagued councilman was 'bothering' her

(Newser) - Washington DC's most-wanted politician, Marion Barry, has again found himself on the wrong side of the law, reports the Washington Post. Police busted the 73-year-old councilmember and former mayor last night after a woman complained he was "bothering her" as the two traveled in separate vehicles in a DC ... More »

NYC Weighs Ban on Circus Elephants

(Newser) - The circus is in town, and in a related development, the New York City Council is considering a ban on the display of "wild or exotic animals" for entertainment, the Times reports. The bill, understood to be aimed at the Ringling Brothers pachyderms, has the support of almost half... More »

Barry 'Doing Well' After Kidney Transplant

(Newser) - Marion Barry—the controversial former DC mayor and current council member—had a successful kidney transplant last night, the Washington Post reports. Barry, 73, who had been on dialysis for 3 months, announced a week ago that he was experiencing kidney failure likely brought on by a 20-year battle with... More »

City of Detroit Seeks $10B Bailout

Council votes to seek funds to create jobs, stop foreclosures

(Newser) - Detroit's city council is calling for the federal government to bail out the city to the tune of $10 billion, reports the Detroit News. The funds would be used to create jobs, improve mass transit, and tackle the city's foreclosure crisis. Council members are also seeking meetings with federal officials,... More »

Palin's Old Pals Wonder: Where Did That Shy Girl Go?

Political career a surprise move for quiet youngster

(Newser) - Those close to Sarah Palin as she was growing up remember her as quiet and reserved—“almost a wallflower type,” said one friend, a far cry from the tough, outspoken campaigner she has become. “I don’t think Sarah ever wanted to lead,” notes a college... More »

NYC Extends Term Limits: Bloomberg Can Run Again

(Newser) - New York’s City Council voted today to allow a third term for elected officials, paving the way for another Michael Bloomberg administration, the New York Daily News reports. Last-minute wrangling in the chamber, including a failed vote to establish a referendum on the issue, led to the 29-22 victory.... More »

Bloomberg Wants Third Term

Mayor aims to change NYC's term-limits law

(Newser) - New York insiders say Mayor Michael Bloomberg will attempt to change existing laws and run for a third term, the Times reports, with his announcement to come Thursday. After long supporting term limits, Bloomberg, 66, has softened, with the financial crisis seen as a significant motivator. If successful, Bloomberg would... More »

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