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We Conservatives Lost the Culture War

Matt Lewis urges a focus on rebuilding family

(Newser) - Conservatives trying to come to terms with Mitt Romney's defeat posited all kinds of rationalizations. But Matt Lewis thinks he's figured out the real reason. "The culture war is over, and conservatives lost," he writes in the Week . "Too many Americans simply no longer agree... More »

Stewart's Schtick Didn't Galvanize Dems

Politico: Rally was a very funny political failure

(Newser) - The Democrats may not be laughing come election day. This weekend's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was a comedic success, but a strategic failure, argue James Hohmann, Marin Cogan, and Byron Tau on Politico . By putting parody above partisan politics, Jon Stewart denied the left a "galvanizing moment"... More »

On Hot-Button Issues, Obama Keeps Cool

Takes steps thought to be sudden death for pols—and scores

(Newser) - Barack Obama has been “dancing on cultural third rails with seeming impunity,” reports Jonathan Martin of Politico. He’s gone to France and called America “arrogant,” liberalized relations with Cuba, and eased up on medical marijuana—all moves that Bill Clinton wouldn’t have touched with... More »

Gay-Marriage Ruling Belies Iowa's 'Bumpkin' Image

(Newser) - No doubt you snobby big-city, coastal types did a double-take last week when Iowa legalized same-sex marriage, but the state has a long tradition of avant-garde social positions, Rex Huppke writes in the Chicago Tribune. Its university was the first to admit women, it allowed mixed-race marriages 100 years before... More »

Ron Paul Is Not Alone

Libertarians are on the rise, aiming to get government out of private life

(Newser) - Maverick Texas congressman Ron Paul is riding a surge of Americans on both sides of the political spectrum now calling themselves libertarians. They tend to be fiscally conservative but socially liberal voters turned off by government intrusions, from warrantless wiretapping to broadcast censorship. And their numbers are up to 9%... More »

5 Stories