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Child 'Climate Cops' a Bit Too Green

British site encourages kids to spy on parents' energy habits

(Newser) - A new website from British energy company Npower is encouraging children to spy on their parents—to save the environment, Mark Ontkush writes on Treehugger. After completing a series of “missions” on the Climate Cops site, kids are kitted out with the necessities for keeping careful tabs on the... More »

Prez Finds It's Not Easy Being Green

Bush's plan to combat global warming leaves some critics cold

(Newser) - President Bush's $2 billion proposal to help finance cleaner technologies for developing countries may be too little, too late, the Christian Science Monitor reports. While some laud Monday's State of the Union plan as "a major landmark in addressing global warming," critics argue expecting voluntary contributions from other... More »

Wal-Mart Shops for Green Cred

Critics skeptical as mammoth chain donates to eco groups, reduces energy use

(Newser) - Hoping to soften its image, Wal-Mart is going green, the Washington Post reports. The retail giant is now donating to environmental groups, improving its energy efficiency, and creating the first hybrid shipping truck. Yet some critics say it's a mere cover. "Wal-Mart is willing to spread its money wherever... More »

3 Stories