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Kenya Gov't Linked to Militia

Officials said to have tried to enlist violent Mungiki during turmoil

(Newser) - Kenya's government might have played a direct role in sanctioning recent ethnic violence. A source tells the BBC that senior officials met with the violent Mungiki militia, with the aim of recruiting the outlawed group as a "defense force" to help protect the ethnic Kikuyu population. In January, Mungiki... More »

Kenya Agrees to Create PM Post

Power-sharing deal would prevent new round of violence

(Newser) - Kenya’s government agreed today to create a prime minister position for opposition leader  Raila Odinga—the narrow loser in a disputed election for president in December—in an effort to prevent a new round of violence from tearing the African nation apart. The details are still being hashed out,... More »

Slain Kenyan Pol a Key to Peace

Multi-ethnic opposition MP was would-be peacemaker

(Newser) - The Kenyan opposition lawmaker who was dragged from his car yesterday and shot to death could have been key to ending the ethnically charged turmoil, reports the New York Times, but his assassination instead further plunged the country into violent chaos. Melitus Mugabe Were had been working toward peace, able... More »

Pol's Death Sparks Kenya Battles

Odinga warns nation is slipping into anarchy

(Newser) - Army helicopters fired on crowds to protect Kenyans fleeing bloodshed and mobs torched homes and people as violence escalated today in the wake of the killing of an opposition politician, the BBC reports. At least four people were killed in a Nairobi slum after a member of opposition leader Raila... More »

'Sickening Brutality' Spreads in Kenya

Annan meets with opposition leader

(Newser) - Ethnic violence and revenge killing continued unchecked in western Kenya today, with at least 17 more people beaten, hacked, or burned to death by mobs engaged in what the BBC correspondent calls  "sickening brutality" since last month’s contested presidential election. The death toll is nearing 750, the BBC... More »

Kenyan Killings 'Planned'

Flyers, arms distribution point to orchestrated violence

(Newser) - As the death toll in Kenya's ongoing ethnic violence continued to mount yesterday, evidence indicates that some of the horrific bloodshed was carefully planned, the New York Times reports. Flyers warned of ethnic killings—now responsible for at least 650 deaths in the past month—even before December's controversial presidential... More »

Ethnic Gangs Rile Kenyan Slums

Gang with reputed vampire tendencies at center of ugly violence

(Newser) - The ethnic violence that has ripped through Kenya since December's disputed election is particularly gruesome between gangs in the slums of Nairobi, Newsweek reports. On one side is the self-proclaimed “Taliban,” a group dedicated to protecting their Luo tribe, and imposing order and justice much like their Afghan... More »

Odinga Calls Off Rallies, Will Try Negotiating

Kikuyu tribe flees western Kenya as death toll tops 600

(Newser) - Kenyan opposition leader Rail Odinga called off his protest rallies today, trying to calm the nation as busloads of ethnic Kikuyu fled the western part of the country. So far at least 255,000 have been displaced, and 600 have been killed in ethnic-cleansing-style violence. Odinga today agreed to try... More »

Kenya Unrest Not Rwanda-Scale

Ethnic violence is serious, but not organized genocide of 1994

(Newser) - Post-election violence in Kenya has taken on a nasty ethnic edge, as tribes across the country, particularly the Luo of opposition leader Raila Odinga, take their political frustrations out on sort-of President Mwai Kibaki’s powerful Kikuyu. But this isn’t quite Rwanda, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The 1994... More »

Kenya Spirals Toward Ethnic War

Contested election result turns into tribal violence

(Newser) - The tribal violence gripping Kenya could reach a bloody climax tomorrow, Time reports, when an opposition leader has urged supporters to converge on a park in Nairobi to protest the results of last month's general election. Raila Odinga blames a rigged vote-count for re-electing President Mwai Kibaki, igniting disarray that... More »

Fire at Church Kills 50 as Riots in Kenya Rage

Disputed election uncorks seething ethnic tensions

(Newser) - A mob set fire to a church filled with people in Kenya today, killing at least 50, according to the Red Cross, most of them members of Mwai Kibaki’s Kikuyu tribe. Chaos has reigned in the country since Kibaki’s disputed election victory, which EU inspectors say lacks credibility.... More »

Violence as Kenyan Vote Nears

Too close to call 48 hours before poll in key East African nation

(Newser) - Kenya's presidential election remains too close to call with 48 hours to go, writes the Mail and Guardian. President Mwai Kibaki is seeking a second term but facing a stiff challenge from former ally Raila Odinga for the leadership of East Africa's bellwether nation. Yesterday police fired teargas at supporters... More »

8,000 Kenyans Killed by Cops, Lawyers Say

Police call charges against outlaw sect 'fictitious'

(Newser) - Kenyan cops have killed or fatally tortured more than 8,000 youth since 2002, human rights lawyers charged today. The deaths, along with 4,000 cases of missing men, are allegedly part of a state crackdown on the Mungiki—an outlawed sect the government blames for gang violence. Police have... More »

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