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Great Food-Throwing Moments

In honor of the tomato that almost hit Sarah Palin

(Newser) - Gawker is fully in favor of food-throwing, a la Sarah Palin’s tomato near-miss—and a host of other launched edibles that hit their targets. Noting that the long and storied history of people getting food tossed at them includes such luminaries as Richard Nixon and Ann Coulter, Adrian... More »

Extremist UK Party Linked to Museum Shooter

Von Brunn attended fundraisers in US for whites-only BNP

(Newser) - Alleged Holocaust Museum shooter James von Brunn has links to the British National Party, the whites-only extremist bloc that won two seats in the European Parliament in last week's vote, reports the Guardian. Von Brunn attended fundraising meetings of an American affiliate of the group, although he is not believed... More »

White Supremacist Invited to Queen's Garden Party

Brits outraged at prospect of leader of whites-only party having tea with royals

(Newser) - The convicted leader of a far-right political party is heading to the queen's summer tea party at Buckingham Palace, and Brits are furious, reports the Daily Mail. A member of the whites-only British National Party was given an invitation because of his place on the London Assembly. He decided to... More »

Holocaust Denier Roils Oxford Union

Invitation to debate prompts flurry of protests; MP resigns

(Newser) - A British MP tendered his resignation to the Oxford Union yesterday in protest of the debating society’s invitation to Holocaust denier David Irving and anti-immigration leader Nick Griffin to speak tonight, reports the Telegraph. Julian Lewis, the Conservative Party’s shadow defense minister, said he was “ashamed” of... More »

4 Stories