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'Mega-Brothel' Coming to Sydney

Site gets approval for multi-million-dollar expansion

(Newser) - A brothel in Sydney, Australia, will spend millions expanding into the continent's largest sex venue after government officials gave the go-ahead. The Stiletto mega-brothel will double its rooms to 40 with the $12.2 million renovation. Some of the new rooms will feature multiple beds and pool tables, reports... More »

Ontario Legalizes Brothels

Prostitutes can now organize, hire security

(Newser) - Ontario has just made it slightly more difficult for Dominique Strauss-Kahn to get arrested within her borders: An Ontario court today overturned a ban on brothels, in a controversial move designed to minimize risks and safety threats to those who work in the world's oldest profession. The ruling will... More »

Manhattan Cops Hook 'Uptown Madam'

Anna Gristina boasted she made millions in Upper East Side set up: investigators

(Newser) - An uptown madam and mom of four is behind bars after earning millions running a tony brothel out of an Upper East Side apartment, according to Manhattan prosecutors. Anna Gristina, 44, was busted after investigators amassed up to 100 hours of audio and video tape as they staked out the... More »

FBI: In '61, Ted Kennedy Rented Out 'Entire Brothel'

Classified memo describes decadent partying in Chile

(Newser) - While John F Kennedy sat in the most powerful office on Earth, little brother Ted was off renting out an entire Chilean brothel during a 1961 tour of Latin America, reports the Boston Globe . A previously redacted FBI memo, which Judicial Watch says it obtained despite a battle from the... More »

Harry Reid: Time to Outlaw Prostitution in Nevada

It keeps other businesses from moving there, he says

(Newser) - Harry Reid is taking on a venerable institution in his state: legalized prostitution. Calling for "an adult conversation" on the issue, Reid told lawmakers today that he believed the practice, legal only in rural counties, deters businesses from moving to the state, reports the Las Vegas Sun . “Nevada... More »

Helen Mirren Poses Topless

At 65, she's still talking sexy

(Newser) - Helen Mirren is 65, but that isn’t stopping her from playing a madam in the upcoming Love Ranch…or posing topless for New York . The sexiest quotes from her interview:
  • “I am a little notorious,” she says, later adding, “I’m still the good girl who
... More »

France Mulls Lifting Brothel Ban

Move would hike safety and ditch pimps, says politician

(Newser) - France shut down its once-famous brothels en masse after World War II amid national shame at Nazi collaboration, but the sex houses may soon be legal again. Legalizing brothels would reduce exploitation, boost safety and provide sex workers with a taxable income, claims a member of parliament from Nicolas Sarkozy's... More »

Swiss Hookers Trained to Use Defibrillators

Town hopes to save lives of elderly sex tourists

(Newser) - Swiss hookers can—quite literally—mend your broken heart. In the Swiss town of Lugano, prostitutes are being trained to use defibrillators to re-start the hearts of their eager but elderly customers. Several men have died doing the deed in Lugano, including a pensioner who recently perished getting busy with... More »

Don't Do It, Ladies: First Male Hooker Isn't Worth It

'Markus' is more like a 'bad second date'

(Newser) - Save your money, women of America. The nation's first legal male prostitute just isn't worth it, writes New York Post dating columnist Mandy Stadtmiller. She flew to Vegas undercover for an encounter with "Markus" and left underwhelmed. Important caveat: She didn't have sex with the "dorky college dropout,... More »

Nation's First Male Hooker: I'm Just Like Rosa Parks

'Markus' begins work at a Nevada brothel

(Newser) - The nation's first legal male prostitute is about to set up shop at a Nevada brothel, and he tells Details that this is no trivial matter. "It's just the same as when Rosa Parks decided to sit at the front instead of the back," says 25-year-old Markus (his... More »

Men Win Right to Be Hookers in Nevada

Brothel lobbyist predicts 'Pearl Harbor' for industry

(Newser) - Gay marriage may have taken a few steps backwards this year, but male hookers just won the right to work in Nevada brothels, and they can choose to accept male or female clients, just as female prostitutes can. Men can now be employed as well as women, thanks to a... More »

Brothel Goes 'Green' With Bike Discount

Public transit passengers get a price break, too

(Newser) - A Berlin brothel that offers a discount to patrons who arrive by bicycle or public transportation is touting itself as the first “green” sex stop. Clients simply present their helmet, bike lock, or bus ticket at the Maison d’Envie, which just happens to be in a district where... More »

ACORN Is Rotten, And Mainstream Media Ignores It

Network news has no coverage of hooker-pimp sting video scandal

(Newser) - The scandal enveloping community-organizing group ACORN “has everything you could ever want,” Dan Gainor writes for Fox News: “corruption, sleazy actions at tax-funded organizations, firings, government ties, sex, hookers. It is a network news director’s dream.” Curiously, ABC, CBS, and NBC aren't covering the brouhaha... More »

Green Berlin Brothel Offers Cyclists Discount

(Newser) - A Berlin brothel is trying to boost business and make the red-light district a greener place with a new discount program, Reuters reports. Patrons who cycle to the brothel or who can prove they got there on public transport will get $7 off the usual $100 price, according to the... More »

Olympian Opens Brothel to Fund 2012 Bid

(Newser) - A New Zealand athlete has opened a brothel to finance his Olympic aspirations, the BBC reports. Logan Campbell just wants to stop asking his parents for money—his Beijing efforts cost $150,000, and he hopes to start training again in 2011 with $300,000 from the “gentleman’s... More »

SC to Craigslist: Kill Sex Ads or We Prosecute

Site has not complied with deal to curtail escort outfits: AG

(Newser) - South Carolina's top prosecutor today called on Craigslist executives to take down ads related to prostitution and pornography or face prosecution. “It appears that the management of Craigslist has knowingly allowed the site to be used for illegal and unlawful activity,” wrote Henry McMaster, South Carolina’s AG,... More »

Reality-Show Brothel Offers Drew Peterson a Pimpin' Job

Top choice Blagojevich had turned gig down

(Newser) - The Moonlite Bunny Ranch—the legal Nevada brothel featured in HBO’s Cathouse—seems desperate to play host to a Chicagoan with reputation problems, WBBM-AM reports. After Rod Blagojevich turned down a job offer as an apprentice pimp, owner Dennis Hof has now made entreaties to murder suspect Drew Peterson—... More »

While France Suffered, Nazis Flocked to Brothels

(Newser) - As France starved under Germany’s thumb, Nazi officers showered the mademoiselles of Paris’ finest brothels with cash, chocolates, and looted art. Such “horizontal collaboration” defined the golden age of French prostitution as described in a new book, the Daily Mail reports. The author argues that, far from engaging... More »

Blago Mulls 'Apprenticeship' at Nev. Reality-Show Brothel

(Newser) - A Nevada brothel featured on an HBO reality show is offering Rod Blagojevich the chance to recoup some of the cash he missed out on by being barred from leaving the country to film for NBC, Gawker reports. The former Illinois governor’s PR flak is taking “very seriously”... More »

Nevada Lawmaker Seeks Hooker Tax

$5-per-day levy on clients proposed to boost state coffers, help sex workers

(Newser) - A Nevada lawmaker is seeking a new tax on the world's oldest profession, NPR reports. Democratic State Sen. Bob Coffin has introduced a bill that would tax anybody using the services of a prostitute—in the state's 25 legal brothels or elsewhere—$5 per day, with the proceeds going to... More »

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