Annapolis summit

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Global Leaders Slam Israel's West Bank Expansion Plan

Officials say move would trample peace deals

(Newser) - Israeli plans to build a new West Bank settlement—one that was shelved after strenuous objections from the US in 2006—were revived yesterday, sparking an international outcry, the Washington Post reports. “They're burying the Annapolis process,” said a Palestinian negotiator, referring to agreements made at the Bush-led... More »

Israel Won't Freeze Settlement Activity

Construction plans stymie peace talks

(Newser) - Israel-Palestine negotiations hit a stumbling block today as Israeli PM Ehud Olmert rejected Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas' call for an end to all settlement activity, Reuters reports. The impasse has been exacerbated by Israel's announcement of new plans to construct hundreds of houses near East Jerusalem, the proposed site of... More »

Olmert, Abbas to Meet to Salvage Talks

Contested settlement threatens to undo Annapolis process

(Newser) - Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas will meet tomorrow in hopes of resolving the settlement crisis that is threatening to derail the Annapolis peace process. Haaretz reports that the Israeli PM and the Palestinian leader will discuss a contested tender by the Israeli housing ministry for 307 homes to be constructed... More »

Moscow May Host Talks for Israel, Syria

Sequel to Annapolis would tackle dispute over Golan Heights

(Newser) - Russia and the US are hatching a possible follow-up to the Annapolis Mideast summit in Moscow next year; the meeting would be aimed at launching peace negotiations between Israel and Syria, the Washington Post reports. Both sides signaled enthusiasm about reviving talks, centered on the dispute over the Golan Heights,... More »

Bush Vows Active Peace Role

President pledges to keep up US engaged in Israel-Palestine talks

(Newser) - President Bush promised today that the US would remain an active player in the Middle East peace process. Having coordinated yesterday's pledge by the leaders for a treaty by the end of 2008, Bush joined Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in a ceremony marking resumption of... More »

Saudi Court to Review Rape Victim Sentence

Prince about-faces, claims case is being used against country

(Newser) - Courts will take another look at the sentence of a gang-rape victim, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said yesterday, following an international outcry when the 19-year-old was handed a six-month prison term and 200 lashes. “What is outraging about this case is that it is being used against the Saudi... More »

Thousands Rally in Gaza

Police kill West Bank protester; Israel guns down three in other incidents

(Newser) - Massive crowds demonstrated in Gaza today, condemning the Annapolis conference and chanting "Death to America!" Hamas leaders told tens of thousands of supporters that the peace summit was "doomed to failure" and vowed that "whoever thinks we will recognize a Jewish state are deluding themselves."... More »

Olmert and Abbas Aim for Pact by End of 2008

Israel and Palestinians to hold bi-weekly talks, beginning Dec. 12

(Newser) - Standing with President Bush on US soil, the Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers pledged today to seek a peace agreement by the end of next year; the two sides will hold bi-weekly talks to that end beginning Dec. 12. The agreement creates a framework, the New York Times cautions, but... More »

Bush Meets With Olmert, Abbas

Bush jump-starts peace talks a day ahead of Annapolis summit

(Newser) - On the eve of the Mideast peace summit, which begins tomorrow in Annapolis, President Bush held separate talks with Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas today in the Oval Office, reports the Washington Post. Between meetings, Bush thanked both leaders for participating in the talks and said he was “optimistic”... More »

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