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Letterman Gets Mostly Raves for Handling Scandal

Plus: Late Show host did not violate company guidelines with affairs

(Newser) - Nope, the David Letterman extortion story didn’t lose momentum over the weekend. From fans to fellow talk show hosts, everyone’s still talking:
  • “If we are now holding late-night talk-show hosts to the same moral accountability as we hold politicians or clergymen, I'm out,” said Letterman follow-up—
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Lazy Bosses Go Wayyyy Back

From Clinton to Cleopatra, honchos sure know how to delegate

(Newser) - Think your boss is the first to delegate the duties and enjoy sunny days on the links? Such indulgences go way back, writes Stanley Bing in Fortune. Two thousand years ago, Cleopatra ruled Egypt by dazzling the male rulers of her time. More recently, America’s beloved Ben Franklin lived... More »

Red Cross Prez Forced Out for 'Relationship'

Link to female worker 'punch in stomach,' says group official

(Newser) - The president and CEO of the Red Cross was forced to resign yesterday for having an inappropriate "personal relationship with a subordinate employee" just six months after he was hired. "This is a huge punch in the stomach," said an organization official. Mark Everson was the Red... More »

3 Stories