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UK Pol Kicks Kid in Dragon Costume

Ex-Cabinet minister apologizes for actions during Chinese New Year parade

(Newser) - A former UK Cabinet minister has apologized for charging into a Chinese New Year parade and kicking a boy in a dragon costume. Norman Tebbit, 78, "ran after the dragon and kicked it," says the owner of a restaurant on the route of the 20-year-old parade in Suffolk.... More »

Brown Likely to Hang On to Power

In reshuffle, British PM invites Apprentice host to join government

(Newser) - Gordon Brown looked set to hang on to power this morning, despite the shock resignation of yet another minister who called on him to step down. James Purnell, a young Blairite, quit the Cabinet seconds after polls closed in last night's election, forcing Brown to bring forward a planned government... More »

British Cabinet Starts to Rebel Against Brown

After a bad week, PM's deputy suggests she wants to lead Britain

(Newser) - A disastrous week for Gordon Brown has reignited speculation that the British prime minister could be forced out of his job, as senior Labour figures struggled to rein in a restless party. After losing a vote on soldiers' rights and backing down on proposed reforms, Brown is facing renewed calls... More »

Brown Appoints Archrival to Rejoin Cabinet

Blair ally returns to British government in surprise move

(Newser) - Gordon Brown shocked the British political establishment by reappointing one of his long-time enemies to his Cabinet. Peter Mandelson, who with Brown and Tony Blair was an architect of New Labour, will be made a lord and become the new business secretary. The return of Mandelson, currently serving in Brussels... More »

Blair Ally to Step Down

Home secretary's surprise announcement frees new PM to overhaul cabinet

(Newser) - British Home Secretary John Reid will stand down, he announced yesterday, giving PM apparent Gordon Brown space to rejigger the cabinet when he succeeds Tony Blair. Tensions have run high between the old and new Labour leaders' supporters, but Reid stressed that his surprise departure was personal; the Guardian reports... More »

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