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Irish PM: 126 Children Were 'Robbed of Their Identity'

Leo Varadkar apologizes for 'dark chapter' in his country's history

(Newser) - Prime Minister Leo Varadkar issued an official apology Wednesday on behalf of his country for "another dark chapter" in Ireland's history. The New York Times reports at least 126 children adopted there between 1946 and 1969 were told their adoptive parents were their birth parents, complete with altered... More »

Madonna: No, I'm Not Adopting More Kids

Multiple outlets reported she was in Malawi to apply to adopt 2 more

(Newser) - Scratch that: Outlets including the BBC and the AP reported that Madonna had applied to adopt two children in Malawi, but the Material Girl has since refuted those reports. "I am in Malawi to check on the children's hospital in Blantyre and my other work with Raising Malawi,... More »

With Heavy Heart, She'll Soon See the Son She Gave Up

'I should have kept him even if we starved together'

(Newser) - "I have so much to tell him, especially how sorry I am," 61-year-old Kwon Pil-ju tells the New York Times . "But I am at a loss because I don't know English." In a matter of weeks, Kwon's son, 41-year-old Adam Crapser, will return to... More »

10-Year-Old: Change Law So I Can Be POTUS

10-year-old says foreign adoption shouldn't dash her presidential ambitions

(Newser) - Massachusetts is known for churning out its fair share of patriots, and Alena Mulhern is no exception. But when the Kingston 10-year-old first told her mom she hoped to be the president of the United States someday, Barbara Mulhern Caparell said, "Honey, unfortunately that's the only thing you... More »

Couple Tries to Un-Adopt Kids Who Threatened to Kill Them

They say they were misled about children's health

(Newser) - A couple in Long Island adopted two children in 2008, hearing from agencies that the Russian-born kids, supposedly siblings, were "healthy and socially well-adjusted." But that was far from the truth, the parents say, and now they want to give up the children, the New York Post reports.... More »

How US Parents Literally Give Away Kids Online

Reuters investigation turns up shocking practices

(Newser) - When a Wisconsin couple decided they didn't want the teenager they'd adopted from Liberia anymore, they advertised her online. Within two days they'd found a family to take 16-year-old Quita, an Illinois couple named Nicole and Calvin Eason. Had they vetted the Easons, they might have found,... More »

Russia: Adopted Boy Died of Negligence, Not Murder

American investigators say no action planned before autopsy results

(Newser) - Russian authorities are backing away from murder accusations in the Jan. 21 death of Max Shatto, a 3-year-old adopted by Laura and Alan Shatto of Texas in November, reports the New York Times . Russia's federal commissioner for children’s rights, Pavel Astakhov, is still upset about the death, but... More »

Outraged Russia: US Mom Beat Adopted Boy to Death

But Max Shatto's death still under investigation in US

(Newser) - Max Shatto's new life began in November, when he and his younger brother left a Russian orphanage with adoptive parents Laura and Alan Shatto. It ended just a few months later on Jan. 21, when the 3-year-old boy died amid accusations of abuse. Texas child welfare authorities are still... More »

Americans Now Banned From Adopting Russian Kids

With 60K US adoptions over 20 years, critics say children will be real losers

(Newser) - As expected , Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a controversial new bill banning US citizens from adopting Russian children, reports Reuters . In addition to the adoption ban, the Russian law, set to take effect Jan. 1, could close some Russian NGOs that receive US funding and bans Americans accused... More »

The Meaning Behind Jolie's New Tattoo

Seventh map coordinates appear under other kids' birthplace tattoos

(Newser) - After sharp-eyed reporters spotted a seventh tattoo on Jolie's upper left arm, reports erupted that kid No. 7 was being added to her brood. After all, the other six tattoos mark the latitude and longitude of the birthplace of each of her six children. People reported that the new seventh... More »

Web Game Turns Celeb Orphans Into Accessories

It's all in fun, says My Minx founder, but parents' groups disagree

(Newser) - An online fashion game is under fire for allowing players to buy a chic accessory for their avatars: the adopted children of celebrities. My Minx , a “dress-up game for style icons,” now includes an “adoption clinic” where players can acquire web versions of, say, Angelina Jolie’s... More »

For US Adoptees Seeking Roots in China, Only Obstacles

Search for birth parents leaves many frustrated

(Newser) - For the US adoptive families who return to China in search of their children's birth parents, their travels often, and frustratingly, wind their way to dead ends. Adoptions in China remain defiantly closed and shrouded in mystery—the country prohibits the abandoning of children, so most babies are abandoned anonymously,... More »

Katherine Heigl's Baby Debuts

Heigl, hubby, baby together, 'doing well'

(Newser) - Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley released the first photo of adopted daughter Naleigh, Us reports; the family is “together and doing well,” her rep says. The 10-month-old is named for Heigl’s mother, Nancy, and sister, Margaret Leigh, who was also adopted from Korea. “They are... More »

Elton John Can't Adopt: Ukraine

Singer too old, and country doesn't recognize his civil union

(Newser) - Elton John will not be able to adopt a 14-month-old Ukrainian child because the pop star is too old and isn't traditionally married, Ukraine's minister for family affairs says. The pop singer toured a hospital for HIV-infected children in eastern Ukraine on Saturday as part of a charity project and... More »

Pauly Shore Heads to Reality TV

His topic: African adoptions

(Newser) - Just when you thought reality TV couldn’t get any worse, Pauly Shore gets his own show. Adopted will follow the comedian’s efforts to adopt an African child, reports the New York Post, citing Variety. This can’t possibly end well. More »

African Adoption Without the Madonna Mess

Other countries with real need also have effective systems

(Newser) - Madonna’s second adoption made other adoptive parents cringe, Bess Rattray writes for Vogue—not because the adoption itself was a bad idea, but because the media circus and the lack of “an established, transparent adoption system,” in Malawi made it look like baby stealing. Oh, and the... More »

Madonna's Adoption Only Hurts Malawi

'Misguided' Material Mom should use international adoption as a 'last resort'

(Newser) - By adopting Mercy James, Madonna has actually endangered other Malawian orphans, writes Anna Feuchtwang in the Daily Mail. “Corrupt adoption agencies and child traffickers, newly alerted to the ease with which Malawian laws can be circumvented, are even now planning to target the country,” writes Feuchtwang, chief executive... More »

Malawi Court Allows Madonna to Adopt Girl

Highest court grants permission to adopt

(Newser) - Malawi’s highest court ruled today that Madonna can adopt orphan Mercy James, the AP reports. The court, overturning a lower court’s rejection of the adoption bid, stated “every child has the right to love” and made the case that though the singer does not live in Malawi,... More »

China's Rules Stymie American Adoptions

(Newser) - Americans are adopting far fewer Chinese children thanks to a set of Chinese fitness rules aimed at accomplishing just that, Time reports. Adoptions from the US have fallen 50% since May 2007, when China instituted rules requiring prospective parents to be, among other things, married, under 50, non-obese, and not... More »

Madonna Arrives in Malawi to Begin Adoption

Pop star tours village amid criticism of plans for Mercy James

(Newser) - Madonna is now in Malawi to get her adoption of a young girl named Mercy James rolling, the BBC reports. Spotted in the village of Chinkhota, Madge said it was “amazing” to be back in Malawi, where she adopted her son David Banda three years ago. Mercy James is... More »

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