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Wal-Mart Relents, Will Continue DRM Support

(Newser) - Wal-Mart has backed off plans to shut off its DRM server, at least for now, Wired reports. The retail behemoth had warned online music store customers of the upcoming shutdown, which would prevent customers from moving any files they’d already bought. Now, after public outcry, Wal-Mart is relenting—just... More »

Napster Moves to MP3-Only Format

Site ditches DRM in blow to digital music copyright proponents

(Newser) - Bad news for digital music copyright advocates: Napster plans to sell music downloads as MP3s and stop selling DRM-protected songs, the digital music retailer said today. Digital rights management blocks consumers from illegally sharing music but is unpopular with users because DRM-protected songs will often only play on certain players... More »

DRM Pirates Get Help From Caribbean

Foreign software gets around copyright protection

(Newser) - Digital rights management technologies are doing more for the profits of software companies than the copyright holders they're supposed to protect, Techdirt reports. The new AACS system was meant to stop HD-DVD or Blu-Ray players from showing protected disks, but hackers easily beat it. Overseas companies are now getting rich... More »

3 Stories