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Cops Catch Burglars Who Robbed Snarky Widow

Naomi Richmond was robbed while following her dying husband's ambulance

(Newser) - Imagine the worst day of your life. Now compare it to the night Naomi Richmond had in February, when her husband died and her house was burglarized while she followed his ambulance to the hospital. Richmond's case drew local media attention in part because of the snarky-yet-heartbreaking "thank... More »

Cops: Man Freed After 15 Years Robs Same Store

But once again, it does not end well

(Newser) - Christopher Miller robbed the Stride Rite shoe store in Toms River, NJ, in 1999, got caught, and served 15 years in state prison. Police say he became a free man on Friday and celebrated by catching a bus to Toms River and, yes, robbing the same Stride Rite shoe store,... More »

How Not to Rob a Pizza Delivery Guy

Cops say suspect placed the order from his own home

(Newser) - A tough-to-beat entry in the criminal genius files: Police in Tuscaloosa say a 20-year-old man robbed a pizza delivery driver after phoning in the order from his own address, reports . The driver says he showed up at the home, knocked, and got immediately surrounded by armed men who... More »

Alleged Cop Killer Shot Dead Outside Bank

He allegedly fired at police in Mississippi

(Newser) - A bank robber sought in two holdups and the murder of a police officer was shot dead yesterday after robbing a bank in Phoenix, according to the FBI. The subject of a nationwide manhunt , he entered a Compass Bank in Phoenix yesterday morning and walked out in a black ski... More »

Call Girl Shoots John Who Ran Out on Bill: Cops

After taking the money out of his wallet

(Newser) - Walking out on a bill isn't just bad manners; as one Florida man discovered recently, it's also dangerous. David Roberts tells police that he was shot by prostitute Dwaynesha White on Monday, after trying to run out without paying her. Roberts said he'd made an appointment at... More »

Guy Wields Sword, Demands Free Tacos

Adam Kramer charged with aggravated robbery, among other things

(Newser) - Adam Kramer apparently loves his tacos. He ordered six of them at a San Antonio restaurant last week, but when told how much money he owed, he refused to pay and insisted he be given the food for free, police say. The waitress wasn't going for it, so the... More »

Botched Church Robbery Leads Cops to Alleged Killer

Parishioners chased shotgun-wielding man

(Newser) - Billy Varner has an odd idea of keeping a low profile. The 54-year-old Chicago-area man was wanted in connection with the deaths of his mother and girlfriend, but that didn't stop him from allegedly walking into a Catholic Church in the middle of Saturday evening mass wielding a shotgun... More »

Gunmen Swipe $54M From Libya Central Bank Van

'A catastrophe for the whole of Libya'

(Newser) - Ten gunmen stole $54 million from a bank van as it entered the city of Sirte in Libya after departing the airport, the BBC reports. The cash had come from Libya's central bank in Tripoli. The van had a single security vehicle as protection, and guards "were unable... More »

Would-Be Robbers Hold Tony Blair's Kid at Gunpoint

But they don't appear to be terribly skilled at actual robbery

(Newser) - Tony Blair's daughter came face to face with a gun barrel during an attempted robbery on Monday night, police say. Kathryn Blair, 25, was walking down a London street with her boyfriend and other friends when two men accosted them, police said. The would-be robbers had a gun, but... More »

McDonald's Manager Robs Own Store: Cops

It went so well, he hit another one, say police

(Newser) - This is about as "inside job" as it gets: Police in Pleasanton, California, say a 42-year-old manager of a local McDonald's robbed his own store at gunpoint, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . Felix Gonzalez-Becerra allegedly donned a mask, climbed in through the drive-thru window on the late shift,... More »

6 British Soldiers Arrested for Beating NYPD Cop

Soldiers, all rugby players, say he called one of them a racial slur

(Newser) - Six British soldiers have been arrested in New York, for allegedly beating and robbing an off-duty NYPD cop in a bar. According to court reports, three of four of the men, who are all rugby players with the Royal Regiment of Scotland, started beating on the rookie cop when he... More »

Cops in 5-Hour Standoff With ... Quiche Thieves

'Apparently they were hungry,' cafe owner says

(Newser) - A couple of hungry thieves faced off against police for five hours after reportedly breaking into a cafe for a bite of quiche, the Guardian reports. The two men, aged 20 and 21, attempted the nighttime burglary in Berwick-upon-Tweed, England's northernmost town. But patrol officers noticed the break-in, and... More »

TV News Crew Robbed at Gunpoint in Broad Daylight

Robbers steal KGO-TV's cameras in West Oakland

(Newser) - A crew from San Francisco's KGO-TV was held up at gunpoint in West Oakland yesterday, despite being accompanied by a security guard and being out in broad daylight. According to cops, the crew was hit at 2:30pm by three robbers, at least one of whom had a gun,... More »

Man, Shot Twice, Kills Robber With Blunt Object

Armed robbery doesn't go as planned when unarmed victim fights back

(Newser) - Here's a story that's both feel-good and horrifying in equal measures. A Baltimore man was shot twice when two armed robbers broke into his apartment early yesterday morning. Did he collapse? Beg for help? Make a run for it? Nope. Despite his wounds, Kenneth Cox, 24, picked up... More »

Kanye West Suspected in Paparazzo Struggle

Brawl results in attempted robbery suspicion

(Newser) - Kanye West is suspected of felony attempted robbery after a brief dust-up with a paparazzo at LAX, according to TMZ . At the airport, "five photographers started shooting pictures of him and one of them was over the microphone and was saying stuff to him," a witness tells the... More »

OJ Simpson Back in Court, Looking for New Trial

Judge will hear 5 days of testimony before deciding

(Newser) - OJ Simpson is back in a Las Vegas courtroom today, hoping a judge will grant him a new trial in his armed robbery-kidnapping case. Simpson's new lawyer convinced the judge last year to reopen the case , arguing that Simpson's original lawyer, Yale Galanter, had a personal interest in... More »

Incredible Footage: Man Grabs Gun From Mugger

Would-be victim proceeds to smash friends' car window

(Newser) - It looks like a choreographed action sequence from a low-budget movie, but it's real surveillance footage from New Orleans: A shotgun-wielding would-be mugger charges a man, demanding money. But instead of reaching for his wallet, the victim grabs the shotgun pointed at his head and chases his attacker down... More »

Teens in Baby's Killing Indicted as Adults

Older one charged with second shooting earlier this month

(Newser) - A Georgia teenager shot a 13-month-old baby in the face while trying to rob the child's mother, according to an indictment returned today that also charged the suspect with shooting another person in an unrelated robbery attempt earlier this month. The indictment by a Glynn County grand jury charges... More »

Phone Thief Posts His Pic on Victim's Facebook Page

... by mistake, smoking dope

(Newser) - Talk about dopey: Cops say a New York man stole a woman's cell phone, photographed himself smoking dope with it, and posted the pic on her Facebook page by mistake. She had apparently set up the phone to post photos automatically on Facebook. He allegedly grabbed the 27-year-old victim'... More »

2 US Sailors Found Guilty in Japan Rape

Christopher Browning sentenced to decade in prison

(Newser) - A Japanese court today convicted a pair of US Navy sailors in the rape and robbery of a young woman in an Okinawa parking lot, the AP reports. Seaman Christopher Browning, 24, accused of robbery after the rape, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, while Petty Officer 3rd Class... More »

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