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US Had Fastest Supercomputer. Now We're Not in the Top 3

Once first, Titan is now the world's fourth fastest

(Newser) - America's fastest supercomputer is Titan, a beast that lives up to its name thanks to its ability to perform 17.6 quadrillion calculations per second. But its computing power is now only the fourth strongest in the world. As it did in 2016, the title goes to China's... More »

Obama Orders Supercomputer 30 Times Faster Than All Others

President signs executive order calling for astonishingly fast exascale machine

(Newser) - If something called the National Strategic Computing Initiative sounds like a big deal, that's because it is. The White House yesterday announced an executive order from President Obama describing the NSCI plan, a joint effort of the Department of Energy, Defense Department, and the National Science Foundation, Motherboard reports.... More »

New 'Petascale' Computers Will Speed Up Science

Machines accelerate advances in climate change, geology, drug development research

(Newser) - A new generation of "petascale" supercomputers capable of 1,000 trillion calculations per second—about twice the current standard—will start running next year, and the power could not only accelerate scientific discovery but also change the scientific method itself, the Washington Post reports. "We can now do... More »

3 Stories