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China's ZTE Will Pay Huge Fine to End US Sanctions

'We still retain the power to shut them down again,' say commerce chief Ross

(Newser) - The United States has reached a deal with Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE Corp . that includes a $1 billion fine, says Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. The resolution of the ZTE case may clear the way for the US to make progress in its high-stakes trade talks with China, per the AP... More »

Microsoft, McAfee Exchange Data With Feds: Sources

In exchange, they receive classified intel

(Newser) - Thousands of US companies—including banks, and software, internet, and telecommunications firms—are exchanging information with national security agencies, according to anonymous sources in a new Bloomberg report. Only, they aren't sharing your personal info or browsing data with the NSA, FBI, and CIA, but rather things like software... More »

Nortel Files for Bankruptcy

Telecom company's stock down 30%

(Newser) - Nortel Networks Corp filed for bankruptcy protection today in federal court in Delaware, the first major tech company to seek protection since the global downturn started. Nortel, North America's biggest maker of telecommunications equipment, filed a day before the company was due to repay a $107 million interest debt on... More »

Troubled Sprint Woos Angry Subscribers

New CEO tries personal approach with customers, staff

(Newser) - Facing upset customers, merger fallout, and peeved execs, Sprint’s new CEO started the job with his work cut out for him. The company has the sector's highest rate of customer dissatisfaction. But by getting personal with patrons and employees, new boss Daniel Hesse is fighting to save the company,... More »

ISPs Should Stay With Flat-Rate Pricing

Analyst argues metered service will halt innovation and stunt growth

(Newser) - Cable companies are wooing Wall Street by saying they’ll offset expensive implementation of a new, high-speed software protocol by metering broadband Internet access. Bad move, Om Malik writes on GigaOm. Flat-rate high-speed access has enabled recent revolutionary innovation in the telecom business, which led to almost 70 million broadband... More »

AT&T, Verizon Plan New WiFi in Old TV Spectrum

Telecoms envision WiFi that can penetrate deep into buildings

(Newser) - Verizon and AT&T are talking big about recent bandwidth acquisitions at an FCC auction, the Washington Post reports. The companies promised fast, high-tech new networks in the next few years based on long-range frequencies, newly available from television broadcasters, that can penetrate deep into buildings. A Verizon spokesman said... More »

Mukasey Open to Spy Bill Deal

AG calls for 'creative' solution to debate on phone company lawsuits

(Newser) - The nation's top lawman welcomed a deal today on a stalled federal spy bill, Reuters reports. “If somebody has some brilliantly creative compromise, I'm happy to hear that,” Attorney General Michael Mukasey said. A recent House bill would allow lawsuits against phone companies that gave records to Washington,... More »

House Rejects Immunity for Telecoms Again

Lawmakers OK surveillance bill, brush off threat of Bush veto

(Newser) - The House again spurned President Bush today, passing a version of an anti-terrorism surveillance bill that does not grant retroactive immunity to the telecom companies that participated in the government's warrantless-wiretapping program. The vote was 213-197, far less than the two-thirds majority needed to override a promised presidential veto, Reuters... More »

Democrats Withdraw Spy Bill

Delay vote that would give phone companies immunity in spy scandal

(Newser) - Legislation that would have granted retroactive immunity for phone companies that cooperated in the National Security Agency's warrantless surveillance program was abruptly withdrawn by Senate majority leader Harry Reid late yesterday. The legislation, favored by the White House, had deeply divided Democrats. Reid said the Senate would deal with the... More »

NSA Deepens Tense Alliance with Telecoms

Both sides await word on possible immunity for carriers

(Newser) - The telecom industry will be all ears to proceedings beginning tomorrow on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers will decide if companies helping the government’s warrantless surveillance program should receive immunity. President Bush personally lobbied Congress to further the NSA’s tenuous alliance with the industry, whose members are increasingly resistant... More »

As Razr Loses Edge, Motorola Could Cut Itself

Top investor wants the struggling company to break up

(Newser) - In an era of rampant telecom convergence, Motorola may be headed the other way. With its once-popular Razr phone leading a money-losing cellphone business, Carl Icahn, the company’s No. 3 shareholder, thinks slicing up the company would create $20 billion in shareholder wealth. The math works, the Wall Street ... More »

Bush Blasts Lawmakers for Neglecting Bills

Prez demands funding for Iraq; Reid slams ultimatum

(Newser) - Lawmakers returned from Thanksgiving break today to face a scolding from President Bush over a number of unfinished bills, the Washington Post reports. Chiefly, Bush blasted them for stalling on Iraq funding—he wants $50 billion—as he cited “surge” success and warned of defense department layoffs if Congress... More »

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