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Meet Tofu's Enemy: Kudzu Bugs

New research shows they could spread to soybean farms across the US

(Newser) - Kudzu plants have been choking the Southeast for years, so at first blush it would seem that the 2009 arrival of the kudzu-eating kudzu bug from Asia would be a blessing. No so much. It turns out the bugs favor a second crop as well: soybeans. And on the heels... More »

NC Locals Hail 'Kudzu Jesus'

A little bit of paradise near a hotdog stand

(Newser) - Other states might be green with envy, but it's only North Carolina that can claim its very own "miraculous" Kudzu Jesus. The mass of runaway weeds growing up a power utility pole and wires near the town of Kinston looks remarkably like Jesus Christ on the cross, say... More »

Gassy Kudzu Choking South

Quick-spreading vine emitting greenhouse gas

(Newser) - It's nicknamed "the vine that ate the South," but experts now warn that the fast-spreading invasive plant is choking more than just power lines, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Scientists have found that the plant emits ozone, making smog worse, leading to health problems—and speeding up climate change. More »

3 Stories