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Belgium Breaks Impasse, Forms New Govt.

Deal reached after 9-month crisis that almost split the nation

(Newser) - It took 9 months of negotiations and threatened to break the country in two, but Belgium's fractious Dutch- and French-speaking political parties struck a deal today to form a new coalition government and work toward shared priorities. Yves Leterme, the leader of the Flemish center-right party that won the June... More »

A Belgian Government, at Last

Late-night deal puts defeated PM in charge of interim coalition

(Newser) - Six months after inconclusive elections, Belgium will finally get a new government, thanks to a deal struck overnight. The emergency administration, to be led by "outgoing" prime minister Guy Verhofstadt, will include five parties from both French- and Dutch-speaking Belgium and will only govern until March 23, when the... More »

It's All Greek to Miss Belgium

Beauty queen is no Dutch treat; caretaker PM tries to mend government

(Newser) - The new Miss Belgium sparked fury in Flanders this weekend with her admission that she doesn't speak Dutch, AFP reports. In a country already torn over the Flemish-French conflict that's derailed the government for months, 20-year-old Alizee Poulicek's attempt to speak the language of the country's majority was met with... More »

6 Months After Losing, He Still Runs Belgium

After stalemate, 'outgoing' PM may head emergency government

(Newser) - Six months after he was defeated in inconclusive elections in June, Guy Verhofstadt is still Belgium's "outgoing" prime minister—and might end up leading a new government. Verhofstadt has met with the king twice and now will try to head a provisional coalition of French and Flemish parties, the... More »

4 Stories