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Stan Lee's Manager Accused of Elder Abuse

Keya Morgan arrested for filing false police report

(Newser) - Los Angeles police are investigating reports of elder abuse against Marvel Comics' Stan Lee, court documents show. The investigation was revealed in a restraining order granted against Keya Morgan, who in recent months has been acting as Lee's business manager and personal adviser, the AP reports. Morgan has inserted... More »

Mickey Rooney's Widow Sues the Hollywood Reporter

Claims magazine ran misleading article about her

(Newser) - Mickey Rooney's widow has filed an elder abuse lawsuit—against a magazine. The lawsuit , which also claims intentional infliction of emotional distress and conspiracy, was filed against the Hollywood Reporter by Janice Rooney; it also names her son from a previous marriage, Mark Aber, and his wife Charlene, among... More »

Report: Abuse at Nursing Homes Often Unknown to Police

28% of incidents go unreported: government audit

(Newser) - More than 1 in 4 cases of possible sexual and physical abuse against nursing home patients apparently went unreported to police, says a government audit that faults Medicare for failing to enforce a federal law requiring immediate notification. The Health and Human Services inspector general's office issued an "... More »

What LAPD Found When They Visited Richard Simmons

That he's 'perfectly fine,' they say, though some remain unconvinced

(Newser) - Tales about Richard Simmons that portray him as a weak, scared captive kept prisoner by his own housekeeper are a lot more dramatic than what the LAPD says is the real story: that he's simply living quietly at home out of the public eye. Detective Kevin Becker tells People ... More »

97-Year-Old Woman Sues to Keep From Being Evicted

She was told 60 years ago she could live in her cottage rent-free until she died

(Newser) - Attorneys for a 97-year-old woman being booted from her Northern California home filed suit Friday to enforce a long-ago promise by the landlord that the woman could live there until she died, the AP reports. The complaint states Marie Hatch moved into her Burlingame cottage more than 60 years ago... More »

Big Problem: Explicit Photos of Nursing Home Residents

Social media may be contributing to a rise in cases

(Newser) - An elderly nursing home resident sits on a toilet with her pants below her knees. A 97-year-old woman is struck lightly in the face with a nylon strap by a nursing home assistant as the woman cries out, "Don't!" Elderly residents of a care facility are coached... More »

Ala. Investigates Claim That Harper Lee Is Being Abused

Still much debate over author's competence

(Newser) - Harper Lee has been depicted as alternately obstinate , humiliated , and "happy as hell" since HarperCollins announced her second novel would be published —and now more red flags have popped up. Amid the debate over her mental competence, the state of Alabama has jumped into the fray to investigate... More »

Hey, Pope Francis: Kids Aren't a Retirement Plan

Adults who have kids can still be plenty lonely, writes Keli Goff

(Newser) - Pope Francis recently exhorted his followers to have kids , saying that to do otherwise would lead to "old age in solitude, with the bitterness of loneliness." Well Keli Goff at the Daily Beast has some news for the pontiff: "Children are not a surefire way to inoculate... More »

Man Tries to Evict His 98-Year-Old Mom

Peter Kantorowski says she'd be better off in a home with 'people her own age'

(Newser) - Like many Americans, Mary Kantorowski has been ordered to leave her home, but it's not a bank telling her to get out—it's her own son. Kantorowski, 98, is locked in a legal battle with her eldest son, Peter, 71, who wants to sell the house she's... More »

Suspicious Senior Deaths Often Go Uninvestigated

Shoddy practices, lack of standards create 'hidden scandal': ProPublica

(Newser) - Too many suspicious deaths of senior citizens go uninvestigated because the nation's coroner and medical examiner's offices don't have the money, time, or inclination to look into them, reports ProPublica . It found about 40 cases in which alleged neglect, abuse, or possibly murder went undetected until whistleblowers... More »

Shocking Facility Elder Abuse Caught on Tape

Hidden camera catchers workers hitting, taunting dementia patient

(Newser) - Three workers at a nursing home in Pennsylvania have been arrested after being caught on tape hitting and mocking an elderly woman who suffers from dementia. Relatives of the 78-year-old woman installed a hidden camera after officials at the home rejected their suspicions that she was being abused, ABC News... More »

Butler: Astor's Mind Was Gone

(Newser) - Brooke Astor spent her final years in a haze as her faculties deserted her, her butler testified yesterday at the fraud trial of Astor’s son Anthony Marshall. As early as 1997, Astor’s memory started to fail her, leaving her unable to recall her servants’ names or even what... More »

What Really Happened in Astor's House

Millionaire's former staff say abusive son bilked her of $60M

(Newser) - A new book about Brooke Astor portrays the New York philanthropist as a frail, paranoid 105-year-old pressured to give up her fortune. Drawing on notes from Astor's former staff, Mrs. Astor Regrets describes son Tony Marshall's alleged bilking of her millions. Astor's staff "filled 30 journals over four years... More »

Bale Makes Bail, Denies Mom Assault

Reports abuse before son's London movie premiere

(Newser) - Batman star Christian Bale was arrested today in London after his mother and sister accused him of assaulting them in his hotel suite over the weekend, the Daily Mail reports. The women lodged their complaints yesterday, but police waited until after last night’s London premiere of The Dark Knight... More »

Parking Space Spat Leads to Elder Abuse Charges

Younger woman assaults 71-year-old

(Newser) - A woman in Stockton, Calif., is facing elder-abuse charges after she allegedly attacked a 71-year-old woman who caught her parking in a handicap spot without a permit, CBS reports. The victim says her 26-year-old assailant “put her baby down and came at me with both hands” when she saw... More »

Nursing Homes Misuse Meds to Control Patients

'Off label' antipsychotic use drives up costs, sparks concern

(Newser) - Understaffed US nursing homes are increasingly turning to antipsychotic drugs to control elderly residents, even though most display symptoms of dementia rather than the psychotic disorders the drugs are intended to treat, the Wall Street Journal reports. Such “off-label” usage defies FDA warnings that elderly patients using the drugs... More »

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