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Clerk's Good Deed Ends in Cop Chase, Heroin Bust

Driver didn't realize she was being pursued for a good reason

(Newser) - When her cellmate asks, "How'd you get arrested?" Florida's Christina Hines, 30, has good reason to either laugh or cry. As WKMG reports, it all started when she accidentally left a $50 bill behind at a gas station. The clerk ran outside after her but was too... More »

Suspect's Giveaway: He Was 'Walking Awkwardly'

Police say they found heroin in man's underwear at JFK Airport

(Newser) - Pro tip: If you're going to smuggle heroin in your underwear, try to walk like a normal person while doing so. Bernard Charles apparently couldn't manage that, so when Customs and Border Protection officers spotted him "walking awkwardly" at New York's JFK Airport on April 1,... More »

You'll Soon Be Able to Buy Heroin Overdose Antidote

Gets FDA's OK

(Newser) - Friends and family will be now able to take the first step to save a loved one from an overdose of heroin or powerful painkillers called opioids, including OxyContin and Vicodin. The Food and Drug Administration has approved an easy-to-use device that automatically injects the right dose of an overdose... More »

Officials: NY Suspect Had Hoffman's Cell Number

Jazzman 'turned to dealing when gigs dried up'

(Newser) - A struggling jazzman busted in a drug raid linked to the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman had the actor's phone number in his cell phone, law enforcement officials say. Robert Vineberg, 57, is among three people facing drug charges after the raid, reports the Wall Street Journal . He has... More »

4 Arrests Tied to Philip Seymour Hoffman Death?

Cops nab suspected dealers in NYC raids

(Newser) - Have police found the dealers who sold the heroin believed to have killed Philip Seymour Hoffman ? Four suspected dealers were busted in New York City after a tip-off last night, but it's not clear whether they were the actor's direct suppliers or part of a larger ring,... More »

How to Save Heroin Addicts

Experts weigh in on changes that should be made to treatment

(Newser) - Could Philip Seymour Hoffman have been saved? That's what two columns are arguing today:
  • On CNN , drug experts Ethan Nadelmann and Tony Newman outline a 7-step plan to stop overdoses—105 people in the US die each day from heroin or pharmaceutical opioid ODs. The first step: Make treatment
... More »

Report: 50 Envelopes at Hoffman's Likely Heroin

Along with more than 20 used needles

(Newser) - We're still waiting for the results of Philip Seymour Hoffman's autopsy, which will be completed later today, but a search of his home makes the prevailing heroin overdose theory look seriously likely. Authorities found nearly 50 envelopes of what they think is heroin in the apartment, along with... More »

Inside Philip Seymour Hoffman's Last Hours

Witness thinks he saw actor buying drugs the night before he was found dead

(Newser) - The night before Philip Seymour Hoffman was f ound dead in his New York City apartment , he had dinner at a West Village restaurant with two other men around 7pm, opting for cranberry soda instead of alcohol, a manager tells E! . But an hour later, was he buying drugs? A... More »

Senator's Son Busted on Heroin Charge

Cops say Mark Udall's son was seen breaking into cars

(Newser) - More heartbreak for the family of Sen. Mark Udall: The Democratic senator's son was arrested yesterday after he was spotted breaking into cars, and police found heroin in his pocket. Jedediah Lee Fox-Udall was freed on $1,500 bond, reports the Boulder Daily Camera , which notes that the 26-year-old... More »

Cops Find Heroin Sold in Happy Meals

Shania Dennis caught in undercover sting

(Newser) - A burger, fries, a toy—all things you'd expect to find in a McDonald's Happy Meal. But heroin? That's not usually on the menu. Police in the Pittsburgh area said yesterday they caught 26-year-old Shania Dennis distributing heroin through her job at a McDonald's drive-thru during... More »

In Mass Trial, 30 Sentenced to Death for Drug Smuggling

Vietnam also hands out dozens of prison sentences; 89 defendants were tried

(Newser) - Thirty people were today sentenced to death in Vietnam in a single trial, the AP reports. The 21 men and nine women were convicted of heroin trafficking during a 20-day trial, said to be the largest such trial the country has ever held. The defendants were found to belong to... More »

Jersey Shore's New Problem: Heroin Overdoses

Fatal overdoses more than doubled last year in Ocean County, NJ

(Newser) - It's been a rough week for New Jersey , and an NBC News investigation only adds to the state's woes: It found that fatal heroin and prescription drug overdoses at the Jersey Shore more than doubled last year, with 112 deaths in Ocean County compared to 2012's 53... More »

Troopers Seize Heroin Labeled 'Obama Care'

Stash in Massachusetts also had some 'Kurt Cobain'

(Newser) - Most definitely not the kind of product endorsement the White House was looking for: State troopers in Massachusetts seized 1,250 bags of heroin from a vehicle, with many of the bags labeled "Obama Care," reports the Smoking Gun . Others were labeled "Kurt Cobain," and four... More »

US Sisters: We Took Flesh-Eating Drug Krokodil

They're among 5 treated for drug-related disease in Chicago-area hospital

(Newser) - More American users of the flesh-rotting Russian street drug Krokodil have emerged. Two sisters from Joliet, Ill., are among five who were treated for the drug's nasty side effects at a Chicago-area hospital last week. Amber and Angie Neitzel, both heroin addicts, say they thought they'd been... More »

Couple Charged in Baby's Heroin Death

It was found in bottle of 5-month-old girl

(Newser) - A Massachusetts couple accused of killing their 5-month-old daughter by giving her a bottle of formula with heroin in it were charged with manslaughter yesterday. Ryan Barry and Ashley Cyr pleaded not guilty and were ordered held on $200,000 cash bail. The couple's daughter Mya Barry died in... More »

Planet Losing the War on Drugs

Substances getting purer as prices drop: report

(Newser) - In countries around the world, law enforcement is losing the war on drugs, researchers say. Their evidence: Across two decades of data, purity of illegal substances is up and cost is down, the BBC reports. "These findings suggest that expanding efforts at controlling the global illegal drug market through... More »

Cops: Surgeon Stole Heroin From Drug Mule's Stomach

Siberian doctor faces serious jail time

(Newser) - It's the strangest drug bust in a while: After police in Siberia busted a drug mule, they asked a surgeon to remove the bags of drugs from his stomach. He did so, but authorities say he kept a 5-gram bag of heroin for his trouble, reports Reuters . The surgeon... More »

Heroin Use Soars in New England's Towns

It's 'our biggest problem right now': Vermont cop

(Newser) - Heroin is not just a city drug anymore: Its use is surging in the smaller communities of New England, the New York Times reports. Last year, 21 people died in Maine from the drug—three times as many as the year before. Over the course of a decade, New Hampshire'... More »

Rehab May Have Left Monteith More Likely to OD

Body could have lost ability to tolerate heroin: doctors

(Newser) - Did rehab actually make Cory Monteith more vulnerable? Doctors explain to USA Today that drug users can be at higher risk of overdosing after leaving rehab if they aren't able to stay clean. Because heroin users build up a tolerance to the drug— which contributed to Monteith's death... More »

Heroin, Booze Killed Glee's Cory Monteith

Autopsy pins cause of death on 'mixed drug toxicity'

(Newser) - Cory Monteith's autopsy is in, and his cause of death is what everybody expected: Hard drugs and booze. The coroner in British Columbia lays the blame on "mixed drug toxicity, involving heroin and alcohol," reports TMZ . The 31-year-old Glee actor was found in his Vancouver hotel room... More »

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