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Banks Reel In Execs' 200% Bonus Limit to ... 150%

PNC, Capital One among 7 major banks taking action

(Newser) - Fearing too much risk-taking, the Federal Reserve has been calling on banks to cut down on the bonuses execs can get for blowing past their financial targets—and some top banks are following through. PNC, Capital One, Discover, and four other major financial firms are doing just that, the Wall ... More »

Smarting, Credit Card Companies Cut Rewards

That airline ticket won't be so easily obtained in recession

(Newser) - Smarting from the sour economy, many credit-card companies are cutting back on rewards programs born out of 1980s excesses, USA Today reports. The cutbacks are akin to moves made by the airline industry last year as fuel prices skyrocketed. “You’re going to see more and more of the... More »

Discover Gobbles Up Diners Club

Firm moves into international credit card market with $165M deal

(Newser) - Discover Financial Services is moving into the global credit card market with its acquisition of Diners Club International from Citigroup, Bloomberg reports. The $165 million deal gives Discover a foothold in the 185 countries outside North America where Diners has a presence, which will add revenue at a time when... More »

Dow Tanks on Consumer Woes

Index nosedives after more bad news about spending

(Newser) - The Dow plunged 246.79 points to 12,606.30 today as investors, worried about consumer spending, fled retailers and credit-card issuers. Analysts are concerned the mortgage crisis has finally hit pocketbooks, hurting credit, jobs, and public confidence, the Wall Street Journal reports.The Nasdaq slid 48.58 to close... More »

Americans Falling Behind on Credit Cards

Amount overdue on US accounts surged 26% in October

(Newser) - It’s already looking like an iffy New Year for many credit-card holders: the number of Americans falling behind on their payments spiked sharply this year and analysts don’t expect 2008 to be much brighter. The value of credit card accounts at least 30 days late surged 26% in... More »

Credit Card Execs Grilled Over Rate Hikes

Lawmaker threatens legislation to stop sudden increases

(Newser) - Lawmakers grilled credit card execs today over the practice of hiking interest rates on customers who pay on time, the AP reports. Senator Carl Levin called it unfair, but Bank of America and Discovery execs said that factors like credit scores also affect rates. "It's important criteria for how... More »

6 Stories