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GoDaddy Nixes Super Bowl Ad —About Puppy Mill

Ad featuring dog, Danica Patrick stirred up brouhaha

(Newser) - GoDaddy is no stranger to controversy when it comes to Super Bowl ads, and this year, the company has already pulled one, the Chicago Tribune reports. Animal lovers were furious over an ad that shows a puppy falling off the back of a truck, then heroically making his way home—... More »

Toronto Pet Stores Must Sell Only Pound Pups

Shops can only sell ones from humane society, shelter, or rescue group

(Newser) - Toronto has a message for puppy mills: piss off. In a unanimous vote, the city council has banned pet stores from selling any cat or dog that does not come from a humane society, shelter, or rescue group. They believe the move will achieve two ends: Cut down on the... More »

W. Hollywood Bans Pet Sales

City aims to stamp out sales of 'puppy-mill' pets

(Newser) - The animal-rights trailblazers on West Hollywood's City Council have passed an ordinance banning pet shops from selling cats and dogs. No stores in the city currently sell the animals, but council leaders hope the move will set an example to other cities and help put "puppy mills" and "... More »

Paris Denied New Pup

Pet store rejects heiress as legit buyer

(Newser) - Paris Hilton went “ballistic” over the weekend when an LA pet store refused to sell her a Yorkie, telling the celebutante the purchase was clearly “an impulse buy,” the New York Post reports. Hilton was on her way to a photo shoot and "wanted a puppy... More »

Oprah Dedicates Program to Her Late Dog

Puppy mills probe a tribute to beloved spaniel Sophie

(Newser) - Oprah Winfrey's show on Friday will be in honor of her late cocker spaniel, Sophie, AP reports. The show features a probe into "horrific" abuses at puppy breeding mills, according to the correspondent who investigated the piece. Sophie gave me 13 years of unconditional love," said Winfrey. "... More »

Scrutiny Increases on Puppy Mills

Breeding facilities range from legal-but-distasteful to downright abusive

(Newser) - Local and state officials are starting to crack down on puppy mills—operations that breed dogs for profit, often under crowded, inhumane conditions. At the farms, the puppies are kept in relatively good shape—because they're what brings the money—but the breeding adults are kept in tiny cages and... More »

6 Stories