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Rio's Gang-Riddled Slums Swept by 1K Cops, Marines

Latest crackdown on crime ahead of World Cup

(Newser) - More than 1,400 police officers and Brazilian Marines rolled into a massive complex of slums near Rio de Janeiro's international airport before dawn today in the latest security push ahead of this year's World Cup. Not a shot was fired as the Mare complex of 15 slums... More »

3rd Worker Dies Building World Cup Stadium

Falls while installing seats; 5 have died at other venues

(Newser) - A worker died after falling at the construction site of the stadium that will host Brazil's World Cup opener in Sao Paulo, a hospital said today. Fabio Hamilton da Cruz, whose age was not immediately disclosed, fell about 26 feet while helping install temporary seats at the Itaquerao stadium,... More »

Internet Cable Will Span Atlantic to Thwart US Spying

It will guarantee Internet neutrality: Brazilian president

(Newser) - In the wake of Edward Snowden's NSA revelations, a fuming Brazil began plotting an undersea cable to reroute Internet traffic away from the US—and the plan is one that will come to fruition. Brazilian and EU officials yesterday agreed on the installation of an undersea communications cable that... More »

Doctors Find 44-Year-Old Fetus in Woman, 84

Brazilian woman says she became pregnant decades ago

(Newser) - In a story as bizarre as it is deja vu-ish , a 44-year-old fetus has been found in an 84-year-old Brazilian woman. The Daily Mail reports by way of G1 that the discovery came last Friday, when the woman's intense stomach pains landed her in a hospital in Tocantins state... More »

Professor Uncovers Nazi-Tinged Atrocity in Brazil

Farm tied to fascists enslaved young boys

(Newser) - A Brazilian history professor has helped a former rancher uncover the secret history of his farm—and it's a dark one. It began with two odd discoveries: a broken wall in a pigsty that revealed each brick had a swastika imprinted on a long-hidden side, and a photo believed... More »

Rio's Christ Statue Chipped By Lightning

Thumb damaged; middle finger hit last month

(Newser) - Storms are chipping away at the 125-foot statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. On Thursday night, lightning appears to have struck the statue's right thumb, officials say. Just last month, the middle finger on the same hand was also chipped, the AP reports. Fortunately, the Archdiocese... More »

Emergency C-Section Turns Up ... No Baby

Brazilian woman suffered from false pregnancy, referred to psychiatric care

(Newser) - A bizarre story out of Brazil, where doctors performed an emergency C-section on an apparently expectant mother only to find ... no baby at all. When the woman, 37, arrived at Cabo Frio's Woman's Hospital saying she was 41 weeks pregnant and in pain—with a protruding belly and... More »

Great Train Robber Dead at 84

Ronnie Biggs evaded authorities for decades

(Newser) - A British criminal who soared to fame after helping to rob a train of more than $7 million has died at 84 of unspecified causes. Ronnie Biggs made his name with the Great Train Robbery of 1963, though he actually spent most of the heist in a nearby car. After... More »

Ugly Number: Amazon Deforestation Up 28%

Rise follows 4 years of decline

(Newser) - A year after reporting the lowest rates of Amazon deforestation since monitoring began, Brazil has noted a big change this time around: a 28% surge in deforestation from August 2012 to this July. During that period, 2,255 square miles were destroyed, compared with 1,765 square miles during the... More »

Man Buried Alive, Saved by Cemetery Visitor

Police think he got beat up, dumped in open grave

(Newser) - It’s like a scene straight out of a living dead horror film. A man in Brazil was pulled from a grave alive after a woman saw his hand surging through the ground. Police in Sao Paulo believe the man ended up in the grave after getting into a fight... More »

Brazil: OK, We Spied on US, Too

Eyed rooms rented by US embassy in Brasília

(Newser) - In September, Brazil's president decided to skip a planned visit to the US following reports of NSA spying; now Dilma Rousseff's country is admitting it's done some spying of its own—though within its own borders and not on the scale of the NSA. A report in... More »

Germany Wants the UN to Hamper NSA Spying

Merkel's government goes into overdrive to counter US efforts

(Newser) - Germany is not reacting kindly to revelations that the NSA may have tapped Angela Merkel's phone . Along with fellow outraged NSA target Brazil, it intends to introduce a new UN resolution that would explicitly extend the privacy protections in the International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights to communications... More »

Brazilian Teachers' Protest Turns Into Riot

Marchers clash with police in Rio, Sao Paolo

(Newser) - Looks like Brazilian teachers are not to be messed with: Firebombs were thrown and buildings were attacked after marches by striking teachers and their supporters turned ugly in Rio de Janiero and Sao Paolo last night, the BBC reports. Around 20,000 people marched peacefully in Rio to protest low... More »

Bolivians Toss $1M From Low-Flying Plane

And anti-drug cops swoop in to grab it

(Newser) - Kind of a risky way to pay people, isn't it? Alleged drug dealers ran into trouble last weekend by throwing more than $1 million from a low-flying plane in Bolivia, the BBC reports. Police saw the whole thing, arrested three Bolivian nationals on the ground, and grabbed the bag... More »

5 Hot Events You Can Attend Next Year ... via Cruise Ship

From Mardis Gras to Carnival and beyond

(Newser) - Cruises are about more than just eating as much as possible, lounging by the pool, and wandering around port cities. As Fox News reports, they can also get you to some of the biggest events of the year. A sample:
  • Australian Open: One of the four annual Grand Slam tennis
... More »

Mutant Bugs' Task: Destroy Own Species

Fruit flies implanted with gene to halt population

(Newser) - How do you get rid of a population of bugs destroying your crops? Scientists are trying out a controversial method: spreading a gene that prevents females from reproducing. Males can live with the lab-inserted gene, but females die in the larval stage—which doesn't leave a lot of options... More »

Great, We've Ticked Off Another Rising Democracy

US blows it with Brazil over NSA spying: Daniel Kurtz-Phelan

(Newser) - It used to be that the US would take an annual drubbing from Iran during presidential speeches before the UN General Assembly. Not so this year . Instead, that drubbing came from Brazil in what the Guardian describes as a "scathing speech" from Dilma Rousseff, who called out the NSA... More »

Brazil Snubs US Over NSA Spying

President Dilma Rousseff calls off state visit

(Newser) - Brazil has just exacted a bit of diplomatic revenge over the news that the NSA was reading the emails of President Dilma Rousseff, other Brazilians, and the state oil company Petrobras. President Dilma Rousseff has made the rare decision to scrap a state visit to Washington planned for next month,... More »

Brazil to Try Ducking the NSA With New Satellite

Cables, new email platform also intended to bulk up security

(Newser) - Brazil was decidedly displeased when it learned that the NSA had been spying on its president , and it's sparing no expense in its response. The country is installing its own fiber-optic cables for direct-line communications with neighboring governments and urging officials to use a proprietary, secure email client, Reuters... More »

NSA Spied on Brazil, Mexico Presidents' Emails

Latin American nations unamused by latest from Snowden trove

(Newser) - The Snowden files keep on giving: Angry foreign ministers in Brazil and Mexico have summoned US ambassadors over reports that the National Security Agency spied on the presidents of both countries. A Brazilian news report revealed the alleged spying, citing documents obtained by journalist Glenn Greenwald from NSA leaker Edward... More »

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