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McGwire's One-Eyed Brother Plugs Tell-All Book

Jay claims he introduced Mark to steroids, but having trouble finding a publisher

(Newser) - Mark McGwire’s less-successful, one-eyed, bodybuilding brother Jay has written a tell-all book claiming he introduced the slugger to steroids. There’s just one problem: so far, no one’s willing to publish it. But Deadspin got its hands on the manuscript, and can share its juiciest tidbits (no pun... More »

Common Supplements Have 'Roids

Study finds steroids in 25% of legal athletic supplements

(Newser) - An English lab, commissioned by an American consumer advocacy group, found small amounts of steroids in 13 of 52 athletic supplements. The study tested supplements that are legal, widely available, and commonly taken by high school athletes and workout junkies. Six of 52 also had the illegal steroid precursor androstenedione,... More »

2 Stories