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Director Joss Whedon's Ex Delivers Scathing Blog Post

Kai Cole accuses him of hypocrisy and adultery in post at the Wrap

(Newser) - Hollywood's Joss Whedon has the reputation of creating strong female characters and championing feminist values, but his ex-wife has just delivered a stinging assault to that image. In a guest blog at the Wrap , Kai Cole alleges that Whedon cheated on her, a lot, going back 15 years to... More »

Biggest Inauguration Protest Is Brainchild of Hawaii Grandma

Permit for Women's March on Washington seeks accommodations for 200K

(Newser) - Teresa Shook didn't even know how to create an event on Facebook when she first came up with the idea for a protest march—which makes it more astounding that that demonstration, now the Women's March on Washington, will likely be the largest protest in the capital during... More »

Real-Life 'Marnie Michaels' Starts All-Girls Club

Feminist social club The Wing boasts 200 members

(Newser) - "The mission was to create a destination where women can build relationships, hatch plans and, you know, run the world," says 29-year-old Audrey Gelman, Lena Dunham's bestie and the inspiration behind Girls' character Marnie Michaels. That destination is now The Wing , a women-only social club—with members... More »

Anti-Feminist Housewife Who Helped Defeat ERA Dies

Phyllis Schlafly was 92

(Newser) - Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, best known for her successful campaign to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment, has died at her home in St. Louis. She was 92. The author and activist attended scores of hearings in the 1970s to testify against the amendment, arguing that equal rights would disadvantage housewives.... More »

Actress's Apparent Tattoo Causes Uproar in Iran

Is it real? She's not saying

(Newser) - Iranian social media recently was consumed by two questions: Does Taraneh Alidoosti have a tattoo, and is she a feminist? To the latter, the 32-year-old "Natalie Portman of Iran" says via tweet , "Keep calm and YES I'm a feminist." But as for the tattoo, Alidoosti is... More »

Chinese Feminist Issues Call for Women's Armpit Hair

Contest in China generates lots of attention

(Newser) - Most women's rights advocates aren't interested in turning back the clock. But China's Xiao Meili hopes to do just that with a contest on messaging site Weibo . The goal: find the best photo of a woman's untamed armpit hair—a look she says was popular in... More »

DMZ March Blocked, Steinem Goes by Bus Instead

Feminists 'were able to be citizen diplomats,' she says

(Newser) - Female activists including Gloria Steinem and two Nobel Peace laureates were denied an attempt to walk across the Demilitarized Zone dividing North and South Korea today, but were allowed to cross by bus and complete what one of them called a landmark event. The group of 30 women from 15... More »

Feminists Lodge Complaint Over School Yik Yak Threats

Female students say University of Mary Washington must end abuse

(Newser) - A group of female students at Virginia's University of Mary Washington is lodging a Title IX complaint against the school over the anonymous messaging app Yik Yak, reports CNN . The members of the campus group Feminists United say they've received so many abusive threats online that they feel... More »

Miss America Later Caught in Scandals Dead at 90

Bess Myerson was Jewish, popular, and political

(Newser) - Bess Myerson, the first Jewish Miss America and a New York political force until a series of scandals dubbed the "Bess Mess" forced her into obscurity, has died. She was 90. Myerson died Dec. 14 at her home in Santa Monica, Calif, officials say. The Bronx-born Myerson was hailed... More »

The Life and Death of a Feminist Fighter

Shulamith Firestone helped start the movement that rejected her

(Newser) - A woman who helped spark radical New York feminism in the late 1960s—and inspire the entire movement that followed—was devastated and left to die in isolation after her fellow activists rejected her, writes Susan Faludi in The New Yorker . Less known today, Shulamith Firestone started early feminist groups... More »

Phyllis Schlafly Warns Men: Don't Date Feminists

Conservative 'godmother' slams liberals over contraception flap

(Newser) - Phyllis Schlafly's advice to young men: Don't date feminists, even though "some of them are pretty." Speaking to an all-male student crowd at The Citadel college in South Carolina this week, the so-called "godmother of conservatism" also blamed feminists for drumming up the recent contraception... More »

'Mademoiselle' Banned in French Town

Now it's 'madame,' whether married or not

(Newser) - There's no equivalent of "Ms." in French—and in one French town, there's no "Miss" anymore, either. The village of 16,500 is banning the use of the title "mademoiselle," long subject to controversy , on official forms; now, all women in Cesson-Sevigne will... More »

DSK Fallout: French Sexism Complaints Soar 600%

Women sick of catcalls, pressure for sex

(Newser) - French women are damn mad and they're not going to take it any more. So they're suddenly complaining, loudly and lots, about sexism. Complaints against the "casual" sexism many woman have come to accept have rocketed 600% since disgraced former IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn was charged with... More »

Why I Loved Being Called a MILF

Some find the term 'gross,' but Wilson Diehl needed to hear it

(Newser) - Since becoming a mom, Wilson Diehl had “internalized the wildly sexist notion that moms are unsexy,” she writes on Salon . “Maybe I could be a hot 35-year-old married lady, but a hot 35-year-old married mom?” But on a ladies’ weekend in Chicago with friends, Diehl found herself... More »

These 'Hard-Core Women' Are the New Feminists

And they're 'annoying,' writes Kathleen Parker

(Newser) - There’s a new type of feminist taking Washington by storm, though these women would never stoop to the level of actually calling themselves feminists. These are the “gun-toting, breast-feeding” supermoms who “condemn government for being a ‘nanny’ and tell men to man up,” all while... More »

Feminists Want You to Grow a Unibrow ... for Charity

Aim of unibrows would be to raise money for charity

(Newser) - Men have "Movember," in which they grow mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer, but what do women have? Surely bra- and purse-related Facebook status updates are not enough, so feminist website Feministing.com recommends "Decembrow." The idea: Women... More »

Palin Is 'the Perfect Feminist’

Says Victoria Jackson, former SNL cast member

(Newser) - Victoria Jackson—you might remember her from her time on Saturday Night Live —declares Sarah Palin "the perfect feminist" in a column on Andrew Breitbart's Big Hollywood . Palin "is beautiful, thin, even athletic, successful, happily married, a good mother and a grandmother. She’s got it all—... More »

Skinny Jeans Are Ruining Our Men

The 'over-feminization' of America is destroying masculinity

(Newser) - “Real men don’t wear skinny jeans.” They also don’t wear V-necks, “accessorized scarves,” or the colors pink and purple, and the very thought of male waxing makes them “nauseous.” All this according to Jane Gilvary, who bemoans the death of the manly... More »

Feminists Should Embrace Palin

Conservatives shouldn't be shunned from the cause

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is taking heat from the left for daring to adopt the label of feminist, writes Cathy Young. Palin clearly isn't a great spokesperson for the cause—she's big on slogans but not so much on substantive ideas—but Young thinks feminists are making a mistake by automatically rejecting... More »

Hey, Women: Stop Hating Tina Fey

Remember, she's a comedian—not a professional feminist

(Newser) - As the laws of gravity have taught us, the Tina Fey backlash was inevitable—Rebecca Traister actually expected it when the comedian started “appearing on every magazine cover shy of Horse & Hound”—and it’s now, quite suddenly, here in full force. But her pack of haters... More »

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