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South Korea to Workers: Take a Vacation Already

Directive forces hardest working developed nation to take more time off

(Newser) - South Koreans work more hours than any other developed nation but the country's production is lagging, a grim reality the government is trying to upend by forcing civil employees to take more of their allotted vacation days. A recent study shows that the average government worker takes just six of... More »

Leaked Text Causes Chaos in Copenhagen

Developing nations say they're getting an unfair deal

(Newser) - Leaders of developing countries angrily accused rich nations of cutting them out of the negotiations at the Copenhagen climate summit after the leak of a secret draft agreement. The Guardian got hold of the draft, known as the "Danish text," and says it would allow rich nations to... More »

Half of US Babies Will See 100

Upward life expectancy trend shows no signs of slowing

(Newser) - More than half of the children born today in wealthy developed countries will live to see their 100th birthday. New research coming out of Denmark also suggests life expectancy in general has increased dramatically as medicine and diagnosis of diseases afflicting the elderly have improved. Since the 1950s, the BBC... More »

Watch Out World, You're Going Gray

Aging, population decline mark next decades

(Newser) - Wall Street's a wreck and terrorists are clamoring for WMDs, but the world's real crisis is far worse: It's getting old, Neil Howe and Richard Jackson write in the Washington Post. By the 2020s, baby boomers will push the median age in Western Europe and Japan to near 50,... More »

Poll: 72% of World Cutting Spending

Economic malaise spreads to emerging markets, hits hard

(Newser) - Nearly three-quarters of households worldwide are cutting spending, with emerging markets particularly fretful about global economic woes, a 22-country survey found. Those countries are facing “precipitous decline," putting “in check any notion of 'decoupling’”—the idea that emerging markets are working independently of those of... More »

Climate Reps at Odds Over Deforestation

Rich countries balk at paying poorer nations to stop hacking trees

(Newser) - The triumph of the Bali summit may be its plan to stop deforestation, but rich and poor nations are still clashing over details, the Washington Post reports. A dozen developing countries want incentives to stop tree-cutting, but some developed nations wince at paying them for actions not taken. "The... More »

6 Stories