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This Holiday's Worthy 3rd-World Charities

Nicholas Kristof's annual list focuses on little-known aid groups

(Newser) - “Tired of celebrating spiritual holidays with crass commercialism?” writes Nicholas D. Kristof, in full pitchman mode. Have no fear: “Nothing says ‘happy holidays’ like donating in Aunt Tilda’s name to build a composting toilet in Haiti.” A sampling of the New York Times columnist’s... More »

Easter Defies Madison Avenue

Religious holiday's originis too wild to tame into commercialism

(Newser) - Christmas’ religious meaning is lost in a sea of advertising, parties, and major retail dollars, but Easter has resisted becoming a “consumerist nightmare”—and that’s because its Christian origins demand serious thought, writes James Martin in Slate. While “the Christmas story is easily reduced to pablum,... More »

Santa Claus Nailed to Cross

Xmas protest angers neighbors

(Newser) - A Washington state man's personal protest against the commercialism of Christmas is upsetting his new neighbors, and it's not too hard to understand why. A headless Santa Claus sings Christmas carols on Art Conrad's front porch, and another life-size Santa hangs crucified on a 15-foot cross in his yard. More »

Pope Rips Christmas Materialism

Continues Vatican battle against rampant consumerism

(Newser) - Continuing the Vatican's battle against rampant consumerism on the occasion of Jesus' birthday, Pope Benedict XVI today blasted a pervasive "materialistic mentality" in "the way of living out and perceiving Christmas." The pontiff urged pilgrims gathered below his window on St. Peter's Square instead to "fill... More »

4 Stories