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Marla Maples Tried to Get Free Inauguration Hair, Makeup

For herself and daughter Tiffany Trump, stylist says

(Newser) - Marla Maples may have once been married to a rich guy who's about to become leader of the free world , but that doesn't mean she wants to pay for things like having her hair done. According to DC hairstylist Tricia Kelly, a longtime client approached Kelly about doing... More »

China Wants This Guy Kept Out of Inauguration

Says ex-Premier Yu Shyi-kun, rest of Taiwan delegation should be barred from event

(Newser) - A tense political triangle just got even stickier in advance of Donald Trump's inauguration. China's Foreign Ministry said Wednesday the US shouldn't allow a Taiwanese delegation to attend Friday's ceremony, Reuters reports. This request was passed to both the Trump transition team and to President Obama'... More »

What to Expect From Trump's Inauguration

It will be a 'special kind of torture' for at least one person on the dais

(Newser) - As Donald Trump is officially sworn in as America's 45th president, his vanquished rival will have an up close and personal view of the proceedings. Hillary Clinton, along with her husband, will stand only yards away from Trump during his inauguration, with cameras trained on her, in what the... More »

Mike Pence Will Be Sworn In Using Reagan's Bible

VP-elect will be first person to take oath of office on it since Reagan himself

(Newser) - Mike Pence will be sworn in as vice president Friday using the Reagan family's bible, the first officeholder to take the oath using that bible since Ronald Reagan used it in his own presidential inaugurations, ABC News reports. Pence, who will be sworn in immediately after Donald Trump is... More »

TV Listing Frames Inauguration as Twilight Zone Episode

Tongue-in-cheek Scottish newspaper blurb has gone viral

(Newser) - Hey, remember that Twilight Zone episode where William Shatner sees a gremlin outside the window of his plane? Or the one where "huge sections of the US electorate have somehow been duped into voting to make Donald Trump president," a "far-fetched" yet eventually "chillingly plausible" scenario?... More »

He's Not Donald Trump, He Just Plays Him for the Military

'I believe he's much handsomer,' says Trump's military stand-in

(Newser) - Donald Trump is set to take the oath of office Friday, but the AP reports that on Sunday, an Army band member stood in for the soon-to-be 45th president during an inauguration dress rehearsal at the Capitol. Band vocalist Greg Lowery—a 53-year-old sergeant major—says his role was to... More »

Another Celeb Backs Out of Inauguration After Uproar

Jennifer Holliday apologizes to fans

(Newser) - Singer Jennifer Holliday has backed out as a performer at next week's presidential inaugural, saying she did not realize that her participation would be interpreted as a statement of support for President-elect Donald Trump. Holliday, best known for her Tony-winning role in Broadway's Dreamgirls, faced pressure from her... More »

'Great Port-a-Potty Cover-Up' at Trump Inauguration

'Don's Johns' covered up on portable toilets for inauguration

(Newser) - It's the great port-a-potty cover-up for President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration. Workers preparing for the inauguration Jan. 20 have taped over the name of the company—"Don's Johns"—that has long supplied portable restrooms for major outdoor events in the nation's capital. Virginia-based Don's... More »

Trump Dumps Inaugural Announcer at the Mic for 60 Years

Charlie Brotman says he was 'heartbroken,' 'destroyed' to find out he lost longtime gig

(Newser) - Donald Trump may not be appearing on this season of The Apprentice , but that doesn't mean he's done with his trademark "You're fired." The president-elect did just that to Charlie Brotman, who, since Dwight Eisenhower's second inauguration in 1957, has served as the official... More »

Biggest Inauguration Protest Is Brainchild of Hawaii Grandma

Permit for Women's March on Washington seeks accommodations for 200K

(Newser) - Teresa Shook didn't even know how to create an event on Facebook when she first came up with the idea for a protest march—which makes it more astounding that that demonstration, now the Women's March on Washington, will likely be the largest protest in the capital during... More »

Clintons Have RSVP'd to Trump's Inauguration

George W. Bush will also be there

(Newser) - For a while there, it looked like Jimmy Carter was going to be the only ex-president at Donald Trump's inauguration . But CBS News reports a spokesperson for George W. and Laura Bush said Tuesday the couple will be attending. "They are pleased to be able to witness the... More »

Singer Quits Mormon Tabernacle Choir Over Trump Performance

She makes her resignation letter public

(Newser) - It's not only the Rockettes who were upset to learn they'd be performing for the 45th US president. Thousands of people have signed a petition asking the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to rescind its acceptance of an invitation to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration next month, and now... More »

Trump 1-for-4 on Ex-Presidents RSVPing for Inauguration

Jimmy Carter will be there

(Newser) - Donald Trump may or may not have the Rockettes at his inauguration, but he'll at least have Jimmy Carter. Politico reports Carter is the only former president so far to RSVP to the inauguration. A source close to the Clintons says they aren't sure whether or not they'... More »

Company: Rockettes Can Opt Out of Trump Inauguration

'It is always their choice'

(Newser) - No Rockette will have to perform at Donald Trump's inauguration against her will, the company that manages the dance troupe said Friday after controversy over their scheduled performance erupted. "For a Rockette to be considered for an event, they must voluntarily sign up and are never told they... More »

Rockettes Kick Back Against Trump Inauguration

Trump team has also lined up Mormon Tabernacle Choir

(Newser) - Some of the Radio City Rockettes have been horrified to learn that they'll be providing the entertainment at Donald Trump's inauguration next month. TheWrap reports that the famous New York City dancers have been told by their union that they have to perform at the event or risk... More »

Trump Team Will Trade Ambassadorship for Katy Perry: Report

Talent bookers 'shocked' by offers they're getting from inauguration planners

(Newser) - Rumor has it the people planning Donald Trump's inauguration are offering ambassadorships to anyone who can bring in an A-lister like Justin Timberlake or Katy Perry. Two talent bookers, at least one of whom has booked previous inaugurations, tells the Wrap they were offered money, diplomatic posts, or unspecified... More »

Major Glitch in Plans for DC Protests on, Near Inauguration Day

Women's march set for Lincoln's Memorial must change locale

(Newser) - Anyone planning to attend the Women's March in Washington on the day after the inauguration may need to look out for updates. The original location for the event—which has been widely publicized on Facebook (138,000 or so saying they'll be "going," another 227,000... More »

De Blasio: 'We Won't Wait' for Equality

NYC's new mayor ceremonially sworn in by Bill Clinton

(Newser) - New York City got its 109th mayor officially just after the ball dropped , but saved the pomp of Bill de Blasio's public inaugural for this afternoon. In front of a who's-who of New York's political elite, de Blasio took the oath of office on the steps of... More »

At Inaugural, Francis Calls for Protection of Planet, Poor

New pope tours St. Peter's Square in open-top Jeep

(Newser) - Pope Francis officially kicked off his papacy today with a call to protect the planet and its poor, in a "low-key" yet dignitary-stuffed inaugural Mass that installed him as the Catholic Church's 266th pontiff. “Let us never forget that authentic power is service and that the pope,... More »

South Korea's 1st Woman President Takes Helm

Park Geun-hye faces nuclear North, divided South

(Newser) - South Korea's first female president, Park Geun-hye, was inaugurated today—three decades after the assassination of her father, Park Chung-hee, who led a dictatorship for 18 years. Park enters office at a moment of heightened tensions with the North, weeks after its latest nuclear test, the New York Times... More »

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