cold turkey

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You Don't Need to Stop Boozing Cold Turkey

A more moderate approach can help many problem drinkers: Gabrielle Glaser

(Newser) - If you're concerned about your drinking habits, one of your New Year's resolutions may have been to quit alcohol entirely. But, though "the cold-turkey approach is deeply rooted in the United States," there is another way, writes Gabrielle Glaser, author of a book on women and... More »

Bush: 'I'm a Better Man' for Going Cold Turkey

President saw dangers of falling 'in love with alcohol'

(Newser) - After reaching out to a teenager battling drug addiction, President Bush spoke candidly of his past struggle with alcoholism, saying "I doubt I'd be standing here if I hadn't quit drinking whiskey, and beer and wine and all that." Alcohol "competes for your affection" for family and... More »

2 Stories