flash floods

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9 Flash Flood Victims Were From Same Family

Adults, children were swept away by wall of water

(Newser) - The death toll from the devastating flash flood that swept through a swimming area in Arizona's Tonto National Forest Saturday has reached nine—all from the same extended family. They had traveled to the area from Phoenix to celebrate the 26th birthday of Maria Raya, who died along with... More »

Woman, 4 Grandkids Killed in Texas Flood

'Within minutes, the water was waist deep'

(Newser) - A woman and her four grandchildren were killed by flooding early Saturday in Palestine, Texas, CNN reports. According to the AP , the children were all under 9 years old. The flooding started with heavy rainfall shortly after midnight, quickly overflowing a neighborhood creek. "We had people tell us that... More »

Body Found in Car Buried by Calif. Floods

Homicide detectives are investigating

(Newser) - A man's body was found in a vehicle buried in mud by a severe storm in Los Angeles County, but authorities aren't certain that it was the storm that killed him: The sheriff's department has sent homicide detectives to investigate the grim find made by firefighters Tuesday... More »

Video Shows Hikers' Escape From Flash Flooding

Deadly floods at Zion National Park killed seven others

(Newser) - A GoPro video documents a couple's harrowing seven-minute escape from the deadly flash flood that hit Zion National Park on Monday. KTLA reports Jordan Birnbaum and his girlfriend were halfway up the 1,500-foot climb to Angels Landing lookout when the rain started to fall. “Oh my God.... More »

Man Lost 2 Wives in Utah Flood

At least 16 people found dead, with 4 still missing

(Newser) - Twelve of the 16 people reported missing when a wall of water washed away two cars in Utah have now been found dead, authorities say. Three survived and one remains missing in Hildale—home of the Warren Jeffs polygamist sect. Three sisters, Della Johnson and Naomi and Josephine Jessop, are... More »

Couple's Outdoorsy First Date Ends in Death

His date watched as he was swept away in California

(Newser) - A couple's first date in California's San Bernardino National Forest turned out to be anything but romantic yesterday as the remains of Hurricane Linda sent a storm of heavy rain and hail over the area. While hiking in Forest Falls, east of Los Angeles, the pair became trapped... More »

Boulder Drenched by 'Proverbial 100-Year Flood'

As 73-year rainfall record is absolutely smashed

(Newser) - A third person has died as floods continue to ravage northern Colorado, driving some 4,000 people out of Boulder late yesterday. Rainfall in the city has obliterated a 73-year record, with 12.3 inches falling since Sept. 1—compared to 5.5 in September 1940. Floodwater is pouring from... More »

Man Dies Under Mudslide in Colorado Floods

3 still missing

(Newser) - A man's body has been found buried under mud and several feet of debris following a flash flood in Manitou Springs, Colo., last night. An inch and a half of rain fell in the area between 5:30pm and 6pm, causing boulders and mud to flow through the same... More »

2 Drown in N. Carolina Floods

10-year-old and 48-year-old swept away while swimming in creek

(Newser) - Two bodies have been recovered from a creek in western North Carolina, apparently drowned as flash floods hit the area yesterday. Ten-year-old Delilah Lovett was found by kayakers yesterday, and 48-year-old Juan Alberdi was located today, reports the AP . Both victims were from separate families, both swimming in Wilson's... More »

1K Killed in India Floods

40K still stranded in northern India

(Newser) - Flash flooding in northern India this week has killed at least 1,000 people, with the death toll expected to rise. The floods came as thousands of Hindu pilgrims were visiting shrines in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. Around 73,000 pilgrims have been evacuated, according to local officials, but... More »

Woman Swept From Car, Dies, in Texas Floods

130 rescued after 10 inches of rain falls

(Newser) - A torrent of heavy rain hit San Antonio last night and this morning, flooding streets and leaving one woman dead. The woman, 29, climbed on the roof of her car after being trapped in the flood, but was swept away by floodwaters, reports USA Today . The water is up to... More »

17 Dead, Dozens Missing in Nepal Flood

Surge of water sweeps away villagers, tourists

(Newser) - A surge of water caused by a mountain river bursting its banks has killed at least 17 people and left 43 others missing in Nepal's central Annapurna region. The area is popular with foreign tourists and three Ukrainians are among the missing, reports the BBC . The flash flood, the... More »

Tornado Blasts Texas

Twister damages rural homes near San Antonio

(Newser) - A tornado touched down near San Antonio yesterday, damaging roughly 50 homes and sweeping others away entirely, the National Weather Service has confirmed. The twister touched down about 25 miles southwest of the city and moved toward it, but never reached it, instead damaging mostly rural property, Reuters reports. The... More »

Zookeepers Shoot Bison Trapped in Floodwaters

Remnants of Tropical Storm Lee continue to pound Northeast

(Newser) - As the floodwaters rose in Pennsylvania’s Hersheypark ZooAmerica, zookeepers made a tough—and controversial—choice: Rather than let two American bison drown while trapped in their pen, zookeepers shot both. Though other zoo animals were evacuated, officials say no one anticipated how quickly the floodwaters would rise, and that... More »

Pittsburgh Flash Flood Leaves 4 Dead

Water rose above car roofs after heavy rains

(Newser) - A mother and her two daughters, ages 8 and 12, were drowned in their car yesterday when a flash flood overwhelmed a Pittsburgh neighborhood. Another victim, a 70-year-old woman, was found dead today. The Post-Gazette offers a wrenching detail: Rescuers in a boat floated right above the three victims in... More »

Terrifying Video Captures South Korea Mudslide

Plus: Residents warned of landmines

(Newser) - The death toll from South Korea's massive landslides has reached 67, with at least 10 still missing, Reuters reports, and this terrifying video shows some of the destruction. In the wake of the flash flooding and mudslides, caused by the heaviest rains in a century, residents were warned to... More »

Poor Midwest: When Snow Melts, Brace for Floods

Forecasters see bad things ahead in the spring

(Newser) - The Midwest, pummeled by snow this winter, is expected to get a nasty follow-up in the spring: major flooding. Again. Weather experts say the winter has left a "thick snowpack in much of the upper Midwest," leading them to expect serious flooding when it melts, reports USA Today... More »

Floods Force N. Korea, China to Evacuate Thousands

Displaced 'at the crossroads of life and death'

(Newser) - Torrential rain has flooded the Yalu River that lies along the China/North Korea border, forcing thousands to evacuate, the LA Times reports. In North Korea, Kim Jong-Il deployed air force and navy units to aid in the evacuation of roughly 5,000 people, as flash-floods submerged houses, farms, and roads.... More »

19 Dead in French Flash Floods

Worst flooding in 200 years

(Newser) - The worst flash floods since Napoleon's day have killed at least 19 people in southeastern France. The equivalent of 6 months of rainfall fell within hours, turning roads into rivers and forcing many residents to seek shelter on top of their homes. Many of the dead were caught in their... More »

17th Victim Found in Arkansas Floods

Up to 20 people remain missing

(Newser) - Rescue crews in Arkansas found a 17th body today after flash floods swept into a campgrounds in the southwest part of the state. About 20 people remain missing, reports ArkansasOnline . The victims had little time to reach higher ground when heavy rains sent the Little Missouri surging into the Albert... More »

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