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Author Shares a Bit of 'Knol' on Google

Writers finds system 'intuitive,' but pages look 'dull'

(Newser) - Now that Google has launched its "Knol" option to Wikipedia that allows people to pen articles on topics, CNET writer Elinor Mills takes a stab at being one of the site's experts. Google's offering has a key difference to Wikipedia: the writer of a Knol entry has near total... More »

Google Unveils Wikipedia Rival

Experts replace anonymous writers in search king's online encylopedia

(Newser) - Could Wikipedia's assassin be lurking behind a Knol? Google opened up its online encyclopedia with articles—or "units of knowledge" Google calls "Knols"—to the public today, featuring major differences from its well-established rival. The  pieces are written by experts and their names are highlighted, in marked... More »

Google Takes On Wikipedia

Online encyclopedia is in beta testing

(Newser) - The company is developing a collaborative online encyclopedia, called the "knol project," that will allow contributors to earn money by including Google ads on their pages. Google won't edit content, but will give high search ranking to entries it considers high quality, reports CNET. Users will also be... More »

3 Stories