Boston Harbor

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Chemical Sleuthing Adds Another Clue to Baby Doe Puzzle

Isotopes in hair, teeth of girl found on Boston beach suggest she was transient

(Newser) - The "first big break" in Boston's Baby Doe case came earlier this month when tests discovered local pollen on the dead girl's clothing and blanket. Now another clue has emerged, thanks to the chemical detective work of a Utah lab: After analysis that compared oxygen isotopes in... More »

Police Try to ID 'Baby Doe' Found Stuffed in Trash Bag

Body of 4-year-old found on Mass. beach

(Newser) - In her computer-generated image, she's the picture of innocence: a 4-year-old girl with long brown hair, chubby cheeks, and expressive brown eyes. The image has attracted a staggering 45 million views on Facebook as investigators try to identity the child whose remains were found on a Boston Harbor beach... More »

Dead 50-Foot Whale Found in Boston Harbor

Cause of death still unknown

(Newser) - A rare and unwelcome sight in the Boston Harbor: A dead finback whale was discovered floating in the harbor yesterday, and authorities are waiting for it to wash up on shore so they can examine the body and then dispose of it. The whale, more than 50 feet long, may... More »

Ron Paul 'Tea Party' Nets $6M

No blimp, but otherwise a steaming success

(Newser) - In an event dubbed "Boston TeaParty07," supporters of quirky GOP candidate Ron Paul rallied in the Boston snow yesterday while donations from across the nation dropped a record-breaking one-day "money bomb" of $6 million into the campaign. Most of the funds were donated over the Internet. To... More »

4 Stories