parallel computing

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PlayStation Chip Lifts Military Computer to Record Speeds

Los Alamos, IBM team pass petaflop level

(Newser) - IBM and Los Alamos Laboratory scientists used an amalgam of computer chips, including some designed for use in the PlayStation 3, to blow through one of the computing world’s most pursued milestones—processing more than one thousand trillion calculations per second, reports the New York Times. The petaflop benchmark... More »

Programmers Can't Keep Up With Ever-Faster Chips

Manycore chips could revolutionize computing -- if only software wasn't lagging behind

(Newser) - Fast new microprocessor chips are outstripping the computer industry's ability to build software to take advantage of them. Some industry planners believe that software designed for new chips with many processors could make certain computing tasks 100 times faster. The problem: computer scientists haven't found an easy way to program... More »

2 Stories