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Iowans Herald, Decry Gay Marriage Ruling

(Newser) - Gay marriages will begin taking place in Iowa on April 24, the Des Moines Register reports. The state supreme court’s ruling today that prohibiting the unions is unconstitutional applies to Iowans as well as visitors, because the state has no residency laws for marriage. “I’m off the... More »

Hundreds Flee Iowa City as River Crests

State should still plan for 'serious flooding,' governor warns

(Newser) - The Iowa River crested a foot and a half lower than expected today, but Iowa City officials still ordered hundreds of families to evacuate, the AP reports. Iowa’s governor, with 83 of his 99 counties still disaster areas, cautioned the state’s southeastern region to expect “major and... More »

Dem Office Holders Gravitate Toward Obama

Cuts into Clinton's lead among governors, members of Congress

(Newser) - Barack Obama is cutting into Hillary Clinton's lead among the most prestigious superdelegates, the Democratic Party's members of Congress and governors. Among those 313 superdelegates, Clinton has the support of 103 and Obama of 96, reports Bloomberg. Clinton maintains an overall lead of 259-212 among superdelegates, but that too is... More »

Iowa First Lady Backs Edwards

Abandoning neutrality, Culver supports 'electable' candidate

(Newser) - Iowa’s first lady backed John Edwards today but said her husband would steer clear of endorsements, the Des Moines Register reports. "I'm my own person," said Mari Culver, wife of Gov. Chet Culver. "I have my own political interests." Tom Vilsack similarly stayed above the... More »

4 Stories