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Internet Runs Out of Spare Room This Week

IANA to distribute last batch of IP addresses

(Newser) - The IPocalypse is nigh! Internet real estate will become a precious commodity this week, when the International Assigned Numbers Authority releases its last IP addresses —the numbers devices use to identify themselves on the Internet. How big a deal is that? Well, the Wall Street Journal likens it to... More »

The Internet Is Almost Full

IP address shortage could be Y2K 2.0

(Newser) - Don’t panic or anything, but a massive crisis is looming with the potential to shut down the Internet. The world is on the verge of using up all 4.3 billion possible IP addresses, explains Thomas Weber of the Daily Beast —which means that effectively the Internet is... More »

Dot Gov Must Act on Looming Dot Everything Shortage

OECD issues warning about Internet running out of IP addresses

(Newser) - The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says businesses aren’t working hard enough to promote an upgrade to the current Internet protocol, which is set to run out of IP addresses by 2011. So it’s pushing for governments to spend more on IPv6 equipment, software and services, as... More »

Feds Lag on Internet Protocol Upgrade

Agencies must support IPv6, but most aren't switching

(Newser) - A deadline for US federal agencies to support an upgrade to the current Internet communications protocol, which would provide much-needed new IP addresses, is likely to come and go without much changing. Agencies' networks must be capable of running IPv6 within 6 months, but observers estimate most won't actually make... More »

4 Stories