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Pope on Limbaugh's 'Marxist' Slam: So?

Calls ideology 'wrong,' but says he's known many 'good people' who follow it

(Newser) - Pope Francis is turning a big old cheek to recent charges from conservatives including Rush Limbaugh that he's a Marxist on account of his views that unlimited capitalism is a "new tyranny" because it shortchanges the poor. In a broad interview with La Stampa , Time's newest Person... More »

Communist Party Booted Out Alleged UK Slaveholders

So the husband started a 'Marxist-Leninist-Maoist' splinter group

(Newser) - The London couple suspected of holding three women against their will for 30 years were ... Marxist slaveholders? The two suspects, Aravindan Balakrishnan, 73, and his 67-year-old wife Chanda, had been Marxist activists in the 1970s, the BBC reports. Records from the Communist Party of England show that Balakrishnan was kicked... More »

China Wants to Replace Superstition With Science

'Liberate' 100M believers from ideas on sickness and fortune

(Newser) - China is getting more religious—and the Chinese government is none too happy about it. The government is now looking to "liberate" its people from superstitious beliefs about things like health and money to bring the population more in line with the country's official atheist stance, Reuters reports.... More »

DNA Test Confirms ID of Embassy Bomber: Turkey

Ecevit Sanli was member of anti-American group

(Newser) - DNA tests confirm that Marxist revolutionary Ecevit Sanli perpetrated the bombing attack at a US embassy in Ankara, Turkish officials said today. Sanli killed himself and a guard in the attack. A member of the Revolutionary People's Liberation Army-Front , Sanli served five years for his role in attacking two... More »

Turkey Says Marxists Behind Embassy Attack

White House calls it 'clearly an act of terror'

(Newser) - Turkish authorities say they know who's behind the bombing of the US embassy in Ankara —and it's not the usual suspects. They identified the suicide bomber as Ecevit Shanli, a member of a Marxist militant group called the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front, the Hill reports. The... More »

Newt's Mentors Pushed 'Marxist' Values, Open Relationships

Alvin, Heidi Toffler's ideas are 'Pat Robertson's nightmare': Tim Murphy

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich has been keeping pretty quiet about two of his mentors lately, perhaps because he's seeking the White House, writes Tim Murphy at Mother Jones . But for a good 20 years, beginning in the late '70s, he was a loud of proponent of Alvin and Heidi Tofflers'... More »

O'Donnell Calls Opponent 'Bearded Marxist'

He says it was a college joke

(Newser) - Christine O’Donnell tried to deflect attention to her Democratic challenger last night in an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show. After laughing off her comments that she “dabbled into witchcraft," she said that Chris Coons had done some questionable things in his youth, too. “He made... More »

China Prepares for Das Kapital: The Musical

Marx's treatise gets some much-needed singing and dancing

(Newser) - Karl Marx's Das Kapital offers hundreds of pages of dense German prose on class struggle and modes of production—so why not add some singing and dancing? That's the idea of several Chinese producers who are mounting a Das Kapital musical, which promises a live band and Vegas-style theatrics to... More »

Crisis-Stricken Germans Turn to Marx

As the economy founders, sales of Das Kapital soar

(Newser) - The financial crisis has made interventionists out of the most laissez-faire politicians, but in Germany the affection for state control seems to have attained new heights. The Guardian reports that sales of the works of Karl Marx have skyrocketed, with purchases of Das Kapital reportedly up 300%. As Europe's largest... More »

Bookish Past Might Not Help Rebel Leader

Colombia's new reality will put dogmatic FARC head Cano to test

(Newser) - Though Alfonso Cano, the new commander of Colombia’s FARC rebels, is a bookish intellectual, don’t expect a new push towards government negotiations, sources tell the Washington Post. Cano, who turned to Marx in college after a middle-class upbringing, would be uniquely suited to push peaceful political action—but... More »

Verdi, Naked and Anti-American

Austrian Marxist uses opera to slam US capitalism

(Newser) - A German staging of Verdi’s “A Masked Ball” leaves Uncle Sam wearing little but a mask, Der Spiegel reports. In a rebuke of US capitalism, the production parades naked retirees on a set of the World Trade Center's ruins, and offers a female singer with a Hitler mustache... More »

Communist Cyprus Prez to 'Work Within Free Market'

'Pragmatic' winner not hard-line red: analysts

(Newser) - New President Dimitris Christofias' win in Cyprus makes him the first Communist ever to lead an EU state—but he has pledged to work within the free market, reports the Guardian. His party has a Marxist manifesto, but analysts say that Christofias is a pragmatist whose policies are more social... More »

Pope Condemns Atheism

Lack of belief 'has led to the greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice'

(Newser) - Pope Benedict issued a strong condemnation of atheism today and warned that advances in technology must be met with similar advancements in ethics. In his second encyclical, the pope said atheist ideologies have "led to the greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice," Reuters reports. "Man... More »

Chavez Fired as Hostage Mediator

Colombian prez says he overstepped boundaries

(Newser) - Colombia ended Hugo Chavez's try at freeing 45 hostages from Marxist rebels today, Reuters reports. The Venezuelan prez had been brokering their release for weeks when he apparently breached protocol by talking to a Colombian general. "Can you imagine (Russia's president) calling the chairman of the U.S. chiefs... More »

Walter Mosley's Top Literary Picks

Devil in a Blue Dress author selects five most influential books

(Newser) - Walter Mosley has won accolades from readers and critics alike for his Easy Rawlins detective series, and the novelist has a philosophical side, too. Newsweek presents his list of important works that "most greatly impacted the intelligence, potential and humanity of the people of the world."
  1. The Theory
... More »

Osama Tape 'Sophomoric' and Bizarre

'I expect more from a terrorist mastermind,' says National Review

(Newser) - Osama’s latest tape is “a great disappointment,” as sophomoric as it is bizarre, says James Robbins in the National Review. The terrorist’s invitation for Americans to convert to Islam – which would force “warmongering corporations” to spend energy converting people back – is as odd... More »

Letter Reveals Rift in Chinese Establishment

Disaffected party bigwigs blast Beijing for leading country off Marxist path

(Newser) - China's leaders are "going down an evil road" and betraying Marxist ideals, says an open letter signed by former Communist Party officials and academics. The letter, which calls for restoring party control of China's increasingly capitalist economy, is unusual in that its hard-line authors come from within the party... More »

Chinese Kids Tire of Communism

Mandatory Marxist indoctrination a tough sell to modern youth

(Newser) - Chinese kids are bored stiff with the Communist philosophy still force-fed in their university system. Classes in Marxism have been mandatory since Mao, but cell-phone-weilding students entranced by China's burgeoning capitalist infrastructure are having trouble relating. "It's something like fiction," one student says of the readings in Das ... More »

Pope: Marxism, Capitalism Hold Latin America Back

Also, contraception and secularism

(Newser) - Pope Benedict XVI blamed both capitalism and Marxism for Latin America's problems in a speech yesterday in Brazil, the world's most Catholic nation. Benedict blamed Marxism for "a painful destruction of the human spirit," but also worried that capitalism gives rise to "degradation of personal dignity through... More »

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