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Hypocrisy Keeps Other Firms From Doing as Google Did

They choose to work in a country that undervalues human rights

(Newser) - Why is Google alone in its stand against China? "Bald hypocrisy," argues Richard Cohen in the Washington Post . America wanted to believe the Internet would change China. Bill Clinton, no fool, once said that China's attempt to censor the Web was as fruitless as nailing Jell-O to the... More »

Will Rivals Join Google Stand Against China?

Stakes would be higher for Microsoft, Yahoo

(Newser) - Google may be hoping rival firms join its stand against Chinese censorship and hacking, but the stakes in a conflict with the Chinese government would be much higher for Microsoft and Yahoo. While Google's business in China represents only a small share of its global revenue, the picture looks different... More »

Yahoo China Loses Piracy Case

Beijing court cracks down on users downloading music

(Newser) - Yahoo China—40% owned by the US Internet giant—can no longer allow users to download unlicensed music on its Web site. A Chinese court yesterday upheld a decision that the company violated copyright laws in effect since last year. The US has long complained about rampant music and movie... More »

3 Stories