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Soros to Spend $50M to Reinvent Economics

Fund manager's think tank charged with reinventing the field

(Newser) - George Soros has decided to spend $50 million to launch a new think tank charged with reinventing the field of economics, which the Hungarian-American billionaire calls "a dogma whose time has passed." The Institute of New Economic Thinking, whose board members include luminaries such as Joseph Stiglitz and... More »

Nationalize Some Banks: Greenspan

Ex-Fed head abandons free-market purism, wants temporary move

(Newser) - Alan Greenspan, once famed for his light touch, now says the US may have to temporarily nationalize some banks. The former Fed chairman said in an interview with the Financial Times that some institutions need government ownership to restore liquidity and help shore up the larger financial system. "In... More »

Say Goodbye to the Reagan Revolution

Leaders abandon deregulation for a hands on approach

(Newser) - The Reagan Revolution, which ushered in a quarter century of deregulation, looks as if it's taken a stake in the heart, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Fed is offering tens of billions in emergency loans to failing banks, the SEC wants more power to regulate financial institutions, and the... More »

A Tale of 2 (Rich) Candidates

Edwards, Romney draw different lessons from good fortune

(Newser) - John Edwards and Mitt Romney are both self-made millionaires who used their wealth to climb the political ladder, the New York Times reports. But Edwards is an old-school populist who chalks up the current 1920s-level income gap to Reaganesque policies eroding the middle class, while Romney thinks the key to... More »

4 Stories