Tiny Tim

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Finally, the Cratchits Will Have Health Insurance

But why should Tiny Tim have to wait until 2014?

(Newser) - Paul Krugman, not always the president's biggest fan, finds something to celebrate this Christmas in the passage of health Care reform bills by the House and Senate: After 2014 Dickens' Tiny Tim will no longer be denied health care because his family can't afford it or an insurance company denies... More »

Docs Try to Diagnose Tiny Tim

Dickens gave scant evidence, but the web is full of theories

(Newser) - Armchair physicians across the web are trying to solve one of literature’s greatest mysteries: what the heck was wrong with Tiny Tim? All we know is that Dickens’ wretch was a small, sick, crutch-wielder, who was prone to weakness and doomed unless ol’ Ebeneezer loosened his purse strings. It’... More »

2 Stories