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Meanwhile, WHCA Holds Glam-Free Dinner

No Trump and Sam Bee's competing roast siphon the usual celebrity element away

(Newser) - Prominent Washington journalists, if not Hollywood stars, celebrated the First Amendment during the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner, an event that lacked the glitter of past years. With President Trump sending his regrets , attention was no longer focused on an in-person roasting of the commander in chief and his humorous... More »

Nixon Note Exposes Lie About Vietnam Bombing

He knew it was accomplishing nothing, continued it anyway

(Newser) - A newly released note reveals a pretty big presidential lie, the Washington Post reports. As Richard Nixon was in the beginning stages of running for re-election, anti-Vietnam War sentiment was strong in the US, and Nixon was looking for a way to settle the conflict without it being labeled a... More »

McCain: ISIS Is 'Winning and We're Not'

But US effort still in 'early stages': Susan Rice

(Newser) - "They're winning, and we're not," says John McCain in his assessment of the American effort against the Islamic State. "The Iraqis are not winning. The Peshmerga, the Kurds are not winning." The Arizona Republican wants American boots on the ground to better coordinate airstrikes,... More »

'Deep Throat' Garage to Meet Its End

Will be razed, with residential, commercial properties set to replace it

(Newser) - The Virginia garage that played a key role in the Watergate investigation—where journalist Bob Woodward met with "Deep Throat"—is due to be demolished, Reuters reports. The Arlington County Board made a unanimous decision Saturday to allow a pair of 1960s office buildings, which include the parking... More »

Developer to Demolish Watergate Parking Garage

Submits plans to raze 'Deep Throat' meeting site that undid a presidency

(Newser) - A little bit of American history looks to be destined for the rubble heap. A developer in Rosslyn, Virginia, has submitted plans to tear down the parking garage where "Deep Throat"—aka FBI agent Mark Felt —told his secrets to Bob Woodward, reports the ArlNow blog. Unless... More »

GOP Shreds White House 'Cronyism,' 'Intimidation'

Republicans, administration spar over series of scandals

(Newser) - The GOP pulled no punches in lambasting the Obama administration over the series of scandals—ranging from the IRS to Benghazi and the AP—dogging it of late. On Benghazi, Mitch McConnell says he wants "the investigations to go forward," because clearly the White House "made up... More »

Woodward, Sperling Make Nice

And Ann Romney wanted to go on 'Dancing With the Stars'

(Newser) - Bob Woodward and Gene Sperling took their much publicized spat even more public today, but appeared to put an end to it, with Sperling calling Woodward "a legend," and said legend inviting Sperling over to his house. "He's a peacemaker," Woodward said. "I am... More »

'Threat' to Woodward Wasn't Very Threatening

White House email released, pundits scoff

(Newser) - People took notice yesterday when Bob Woodward told CNN that the White House had warned him that he would "regret" his sequester comments , seemingly implying that officials had threatened him. Well Politico has gotten its hands on the email Woodward was referring to—and it's not terribly threatening.... More »

Woodward: White House Said I'd 'Regret' Sequester Stance

Calls Obama's approach 'madness'

(Newser) - Bob Woodward's standoff with the White House is heating up: Now the journalist says a top administration official warned him to stop blaming President Obama for the sequester, Business Insider reports. In an email, "it was said very clearly: You will regret doing this," Woodward told CNN... More »

What Hagel Said to Impress Obama

Bob Woodward: Hagel is Obama's foreign policy 'soul mate'

(Newser) - Why did President Obama pick Chuck Hagel as his new secretary of defense? It all goes back to a never-reported conversation Hagel had with Obama right after his first term as president began, Bob Woodward reports in a Washington Post column. Obama asked Hagel his thoughts on foreign policy and... More »

Petraeus: 'I Love Roger Ailes'

Transcript of call with Fox Reporter revealed

(Newser) - Did Roger Ailes really try to convince David Petraeus to run for president in April 2011? Just how close was the general with the conservative network? Well, you can now judge for yourself, because the Washington Post has published the full transcript of the call Bob Woodward obtained between Petraeus... More »

Fox's Ailes Offered to Back Petraeus Presidential Bid

He urged general to reject CIA directorship, reports Bob Woodward

(Newser) - Fox News chief Roger Ailes made a serious effort last year to enlist Gen. David Petraeus to seek the GOP nomination for president, reports Bob Woodward for the Washington Post . Fox News national security analyst Kathleen McFarland was asked to speak to the general on Ailes' behalf on a trip... More »

Nixon 'Far Worse Than We Thought'

Woodward and Bernstein say he ran a 'criminal enterprise'

(Newser) - Forty years after Watergate, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward assess the man their reporting forced from office, and the headline in the Washington Post sums it up: Richard Nixon, it declares, "was far worse than we thought." Forget the popular notion that the burglary itself was a minor... More »

Editor Casts Doubt on 'Deep Throat' Story

But Bob Woodward says book omits key interview

(Newser) - Bob Woodward is not happy about a new book in which former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee appears to express doubt about the legend of "Deep Throat." Bradlee gave reporter Jeff Himmelman access to a box of old documents, and in it, Himmelman found an interview Bradlee had... More »

Cheney Still Hasn't Learned From Iraq

Autobiography shows he remained willing to act on weak intelligence: Bob Woodward

(Newser) - The “missing” WMDs in Iraq taught us a lesson: Don’t act on intelligence unless you’re 100% sure of it. Dick Cheney apparently missed that little tidbit, writes Bob Woodward after perusing the former veep’s new memoir. In In My Time, Cheney says he was the “... More »

'Deep Throat' Garage New DC Tourist Attraction

Site of secret meeting gains historical marker

(Newser) - The most important parking garage in American history has joined the list of Washington DC-area tourist attractions. A historical marker has been placed in front of the suburban parking garage where Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward met the anonymous "Deep Throat," receiving information that brought the Watergate scandal... More »

In bin Laden Compound, US Watched 'the Pacer'

Bob Woodward fleshes out details of Osama bin Laden takedown

(Newser) - A mundane phone call led to the downfall of the world's most elusive terrorist: “I’m back with the people I was with before," Osama bin Laden's courier told a friend as US ears perked up. Bob Woodward fleshes out the takedown in today's Washington ... More »

Karzai Confirms Taliban Talks

Reps are talking 'countryman to countryman,' he says

(Newser) - It's official: Hamid Karzai is talking to the Taliban in a last-ditch bid for peace. In an interview with CNN 's Larry King set to air today, the Afghan leader says his government is engaged in "unofficial" discussion with Taliban reps. "We have been talking to the Taliban... More »

Clinton Wants to Be President, Not VP

And there are loads of loyalists spreading rumors about both

(Newser) - The Clinton-for-vice-president mania that kicked up briefly yesterday (only to be squashed by Clinton herself), was pretty misguided. Clinton has no interest in being vice president, former advisers tell Politico —but she may still want to be president. “Not happening,” one of Clinton’s top 2008 advisers... More »

Clinton Squashes VP Rumors

Says she has 'absolutely no interest'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton forcefully dismissed the bubbling rumors that she would replace Joe Biden as Barack Obama’s running mate in 2012. Time magazine’s CEO asked Clinton about the rumors at a professional women’s conference today, according to Andrea Mitchell of NBC . Clinton replied that Biden was doing “... More »

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