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Calif. Pols Push 'Tampons for All' to Fix 'Gender Injustice'

Legislators want to get rid of state sales taxes on feminine hygiene products

(Newser) - Health products like walkers and Viagra are exempt from California state sales tax, and if two assembly members have their way, feminine hygiene products will soon enjoy the same status. Cristina Garcia and Ling Ling Chang introduced a measure Monday maintaining that tampons, sanitary napkins, and similar products are a... More »

Colorado's Pot to Be Much Cheaper for One Day

Quirky state law is cutting out most taxes on marijuana on Sept. 16

(Newser) - Think of it as a back-to-school sales tax break, but for stoners. Colorado's unusual tax law is forcing the state to suspend taxes on recreational marijuana for one day—Sept. 16—during which a 10% sales tax and 15% excise tax won't be collected. The sales-tax break would... More »

Chicago Now Has America's Highest Sales Tax

Officials say they're trying to stay ahead of 'pension tsunami'

(Newser) - A penny here and a penny there has added up to decimated wallets for people in Chicago, who now have the highest sales taxes in America. In a move that takes effect Jan. 1, Cook County has raised its sales tax from 0.75% to 1.75%, bringing the total... More »

Internet Sales Tax One Step Closer

Passes Senate, but bill still has a fight looming in the House

(Newser) - Start brushing up on your Quicken, Etsy moms. The Senate has just passed a bill that would allow states to collect taxes for online purchases, USA Today reports. States with sales taxes have previously been unable to require online retailers to collect sales tax unless they had a physical presence... More »

Internet Sales Tax? It's About Time

So says Daniel Gross at Daily Beast, though eBay begs to differ

(Newser) - A bill to impose a sales tax on Internet shoppers is moving through Congress, and Daniel Gross at the Daily Beast says it's long overdue. Online retail has become such a huge part of how Americans shop that it no longer deserves any special treatment, he argues. Plus, state... More »

Tax-Free Online Shopping Hits the Chopping Block

Senate votes 74 to 20 to take up bill that could spell the end

(Newser) - The halcyon days of widespread tax-free online shopping may be numbered. The Senate yesterday voted 74 to 20 to take up a bill that would let states require Internet retailers to collect sales tax, the AP reports. It could be passed within the week, though it may have a tougher... More »

Louisiana Considers Ditching Its Income Tax

Bobby Jindal calls proposed move revenue-neutral

(Newser) - Bobby Jindal wants to do away with income and corporate taxes in his state—and raise Louisiana's 4% sales tax to make up the difference, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. "It's time to change that so people can keep more of their own money and foster an... More »

Californians Stock Up on Amazon's Last Tax-Free Day

New sales taxes kick in tomorrow

(Newser) - It's a big day in California—the last one without sales tax on purchases from Amazon. So customers have been snapping up items like there's no tomorrow, the AP reports. With packages arriving at his office every day this week, "even the mailroom is laughing at me,... More »

Amazon Expands, Eyes Same-Day Delivery

Retailer hopes to make up for new sales tax it must charge

(Newser) - Just when you thought Amazon couldn't get any bigger, the online retail giant is expanding in an effort to offer something that most web-based merchants can only dream of: same-day delivery. The company is opening up new warehouses in California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and elsewhere, in locations much... More »

Strip Club to Taxman: Nude Dancing Is Art

Lap dances should be tax-free, NY club argues

(Newser) - Nude dancing is an art and should be tax-free, just like ballet performances, according to a strip club in upstate New York. Lawyers for Albany's Nite Moves will appear before the state's highest court today to argue that it doesn't need to pay sales tax on admission... More »

Japan PM: Act Now, or We'll End Up Like Europe

He wants to double the national sales tax

(Newser) - With Japan's public debt twice the size of its GDP, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said the country needs to start making massive cuts to avoid the credit turmoil that has rocked Europe in recent months and caused credit downgrades across the eurozone yesterday , reports the AP . "Even France... More »

For Most, Cain's '9-9-9' Plan a Tax Hike

'Washington Post' fact checkers say Cain's plan is misleading

(Newser) - Herman Cain is being dishonest in touting his “9-9-9” plan, positioning it as some kind of tax cut, when “in reality tens of millions of lower income Americans would face tax increases,” Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler has concluded, giving Cain three out of four Pinocchios.... More »

Amazon Agrees to Charge California Sales Tax

Online retailer makes a surprise concession

(Newser) - Amazon made a surprising move last night: It gave in and agreed to charge sales tax in California next year. The online retailer announced it had reached a deal with the state in which it would stop fighting a new law that would force it to collect sales tax in... More »

Hungary Launches 'Fat Tax'

Salty, sugary foods now 50 cents more expensive

(Newser) - Chocolate cake won’t make you any thinner—but in Hungary, it’ll make your wallet lighter. Yesterday, the country instituted a “fat tax” of about 50 cents on foods loaded with salt, sugar, and fat. Among a sweet-toothed population, the tax is expected to bring in some $100... More »

Amazon to California: Ditch Tax, Get 7K Jobs

State senate, local retailers hostile to offer

(Newser) - Amazon has got a tempting offer for California, which is battling the nation’s second-highest unemployment rate: If the state delays a new online sales tax for two years, the Internet retailer will bring 7,000 new jobs to the Golden State. Amazon would also halt its push for a... More »

Amazon Fights to Avoid Sales Tax

Keeps a map of where employees can travel to

(Newser) - It’s not a lucky quirk of the laws that keeps Amazon from charging you sales tax—it’s a concerted campaign. Former employees tell the Wall Street Journal that the company goes to great lengths to shield customers from the tax man. Employees for example must consult a color-coded... More »

Amazon Ditching Calif. Affiliates Over Tax Tiff

Retailer opposes new law that would require it to collect sales tax

(Newser) - California wants Amazon to collect sales tax, so Amazon is packing up its toys and ditching all its affiliates in the state. The law, part of a budget package signed yesterday by Gov. Jerry Brown, says that online retailers must collect state sales tax if they’ve got affiliates in... More »

Democrats Push Internet Sales Tax

Bill is reintroduced in Congress

(Newser) - Massachusetts congressman Bill Delahunt has reintroduced legislation imposing state sales tax on Internet purchases. Currently, such transactions are tax-free unless the vendor has physical presence in the buyer's state. Proponents of the bill, who include large "brick and mortar" retailers such as Wall-Mart, define the push as a fairness... More »

Get Ready for a National Sales Tax

VAT will be only way to cover health-care costs

(Newser) - European-style taxes will follow European-style health care entitlement as surely as night follows day, warns Charles Krauthammer. ObamaCare, when you remove the "budgetary gimmicks," will add trillions to the national debt, leaving the president's deficit reduction committee with no option but to call for the introduction of value-added... More »

Policymakers Float Federal Sales Tax Idea

American VAT long rejected as politically impossible policy

(Newser) - A federal sales tax has long been seen as politically off-limits, but the massive deficit has some in Washington pushing for it. “It's common to the rest of the world, and we don't have it,” a tax analyst tells the Washington Post. In dire times, “fundamental tax... More »

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