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More Market Turmoil? Inflation Higher Than Expected

Investors may not be happy because it could lead to a hike in interest rates

(Newser) - Given the markets' recent volatility, investors were keeping a closer eye than usual on Wednesday's new inflation report—and they may not be thrilled with the data. The consumer price index showed that prices for everyday goods rose slightly higher than expected in January, reports the Wall Street Journal ... More »

'12 Days of Christmas' Gifts Will Cost You $97K

Gold prices push the cost of 5 rings to $650

(Newser) - If your true love gives you everything from 12 drummers drumming to a partridge in a pear tree this year, he or she will have shelled out $96,824. That’s up 10.8% from last year, the AP reports. High gold prices pushed the cost of five gold rings... More »

Dow Up 108 to 2009 High

GE, financials gain; Fed shows industrial activity up for August

(Newser) - Stocks rallied today, with all three major indices hitting their highest levels of the year, the Wall Street Journal reports. GE surged 5.69%, AmEx 3.06%, and BofA 2.80% on good data: Industrial production gained 0.8% in August, and the Labor Department’s consumer-price index rose 0.... More »

Consumer Prices Take Biggest Dip in 59 Years

(Newser) - Consumer prices have fallen 2.1% over the past year, the biggest year-over-year decline in 59 years, the Labor Department announced today. Though the Consumer Price Index was unchanged from June to July, it was drastically lower than in July 2008, when oil peaked at $147 a barrel and gas... More »

Stocks Flat, and So Is Inflation

(Newser) - A pile of economic data couldn’t move stocks this morning. The Dow inched up 24 points, while the S&P and Nasdaq added 0.1% and 0.2%, respectively. The Consumer Price Index was unchanged for April, the Labor Department announced, though Core CPI was up 0.3%. Factory... More »

Stock Rally Screeches to Halt

(Newser) - Stocks took a turn for the worse at the open today, heading south after yesterday’s rally. The Dow fell 67 points, while the S&P declined 0.8%. The Nasdaq fell 0.5%, but component Sun Microsystems soared 65% on news IBM might acquire it. Investors are anxiously awaiting... More »

Dow Falls 427 to Below 8,000

Bad news in housing and predictions of recession sour stocks

(Newser) - Stocks plunged today on a spread of bad economic news, including signs that the housing market is not improving and dire predictions by the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate committee, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Dow fell 427.47 to close at 7,997.28. The Nasdaq lost 96.85,... More »

Consumers Squeezed, Spending Stalls

As prices rise, wages fall and unemployment jumps, spending growth has stalled

(Newser) - The current economic crisis is shaping up to be different than others Americans have weathered in the past 20 years in an important respect, the Washington Post reports: consumer spending, which the nation could always count on to propel the economy through, has stalled. Real spending, the catalyst behind 70%... More »

Inflation Hurts US Workers; Europeans Keep Pace

But higher Europe wages drive up prices

(Newser) - Workers in the US are falling behind inflation while their counterparts in the 15-nation Eurozone are keeping pace, in part because of more powerful unions, the Wall Street Journal reports. But rising wages may damage the European economies, as they deter companies from hiring and in turn boost inflation. When... More »

Stocks Rally on Dollar's Strength

Drop in oil, strong greenback pushes Dow to weekly gains

(Newser) - The markets rallied today, pushing the Dow into positive territory for the week, off a strong dollar and a drop in oil prices. The Dow gained 165.77 to close at 12,307.35, a weekly gain of 0.8%. The Nasdaq climbed 50.15 to 2,454.50 but... More »

Dow Hikes Prices 20% on Chemicals in Many Products

Chemical company rips feds for energy policy it blames for higher costs

(Newser) - Skyrocketing energy costs prompted Dow Chemical to bump prices up to 20% yesterday on compounds that are the building blocks for thousands of consumer products, fanning inflation fears. Dow, one of the world’s largest chemical companies, ripped Washington for an energy policy it says has raised its energy costs... More »

Consumer Prices Rise in March; Oil Blasts Past $114

Jump in energy, food costs outweighs cheaper clothes; new record for crude

(Newser) - Consumer prices rose an anticipated 0.3% in March, propelled by hikes in the costs of energy, food, and airline tickets; a commodities rush and weak dollar also pushed crude oil to a record high today. Energy costs rose 1.9% in March, the AP reports, and the past year... More »

Consumer Prices Flat in Feb.

Lack of increase means Fed has an open door to a big rate cute next week

(Newser) - Consumer prices were flat for February, pleasantly surprising economists who expected a 0.2% increase, reports the Wall Street Journal. This morning’s consumer price index eases concerns that inflation is accelerating as the economy slows, and it gives the Federal Reserve more reason to float a large interest rate... More »

Inflation Spikes, Cut in Jeopardy

Fed may have hands tied, as CPI soars past expectations

(Newser) - Core inflation bounded ahead of expectations in January, which is bad news for anyone betting on a big rate cut from the Fed–and for the Fed itself. The consumer price index rose 0.4%, with core CPI rising 0.3%, putting the year-over-year figures at 4.3% and 2.... More »

Consumer, Housing Numbers Slump

News isn't all gloomy: Demand for durable goods surges

(Newser) - Consumer confidence fell a bit less than expected but still approached a 2-year nadir in January, reinforcing fears that Americans will put the brakes on personal spending. In other economic reports out today, the S&P/Case-Shiller housing-price index report showed a 7.7% year-over-year drop for November, Bloomberg reports, and... More »

Consumer Prices Jump Most in 2 Years

CPI surge on rising energy costs sparks inflation worries

(Newser) - November’s consumer price index spiked 0.8%—the biggest rise since September 2005—as soaring energy costs pushed up prices on an array of  goods and services. The increase, higher than the 0.6% anticipated, reignites inflation worries, causing experts to predict that further Fed rate cuts are unlikely,... More »

Housing Starts Plummet to 14-Year Low

But modest consumer price hike soothes inflation fears

(Newser) - New homes starts fell to their lowest level in 14 years last month, plunging 10%—to an annualized rate of 1.191 million—after expectations of a 4.2% decline. The number followed a 3.2% drop in August, the Wall Street Journal reports. A homebuilders' confidence gauge registered its... More »

CPI Registers Spring Spike

Energy, food drive big May bump in consumer spending as core inflation stays cool

(Newser) - The consumer price index jumped 0.7% in May, riding high energy prices to its second-biggest spike in 16 years. But the volatile food and energy sectors appeared not to disrupt the rest of the economy, MarketWatch reports. The core CPI, which excludes food and gas prices, rose only 0.... More »

Inflation Cools, Heats Wall Street

But gas prices, at record highs, still worrisome

(Newser) - The core consumer price index stayed steady last month, rising just 0.2% and cooling worries about inflation. The overall CPI, which responds to fluctuating food and energy costs, climbed 0.4%, still well within the comfort zone. That's good news for the Fed, which held interest rates steady last... More »

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