Jorge Rafael Videla

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Argentine Dictator Videla Dies in Prison

Ran one of the bloodiest military governments in South America

(Newser) - Former dictator Jorge Rafael Videla, who took power over Argentina in a 1976 coup and led a military junta that killed thousands of his fellow citizens in a dirty war to eliminate so-called "subversives," died quietly in his sleep today while serving life in prison for crimes against... More »

Argentine Dictators Convicted in Baby Thefts

Infants of leftist prisoners were taken after birth

(Newser) - Former Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla was convicted and sentenced to 50 years today for executing a systemic plan to steal babies from prisoners who were kidnapped, tortured, and killed during the military junta's war on leftist dissenters three decades ago. The baby thefts set Argentina's 1976-1983 military... More »

Warrants May Shed Light on South American Dirty War

Governments colluded to murder adversaries

(Newser) - An Italian judge has issued arrest warrants for nearly 150 people in Latin America accused of helping their governments hunt down and kill leftist opponents in the 1970s. The warrants could shed new light on the so-called Operation Condor, an extraordinary scheme in which South American governments cooperated with each... More »

3 Stories