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War Crimes Suspect Wins Kenya Election

Uhuru Kenyatta is victor, but he faces international trial in July

(Newser) - Uhuru Kenyatta has been declared the winner of Kenya's presidential election, and he appears to have avoided a runoff by the slimmest of margins, reports Reuters . He needed to get 50% of the vote, and the nation's election commission says he got 50.03%. That translates to 4,... More »

Half-Brother of Obama Loses in Kenya Elections

Malik Obama was running for governor

(Newser) - The world will have to settle for only one political Obama, at least for the time being. The president's half-brother, Malik Obama, has lost his bid for a governorship in Kenya, reports Politicker . Results aren't final, but Obama apparently lost by a wide margin as an independent candidate,... More »

Attacks Kill 12 as Kenya Votes

Machete-wielding mob kills 5 cops in one ambush

(Newser) - Kenya chooses a president today in a vote overshadowed by fears of a repeat of the ethnic violence that killed more than 1,200 people in the weeks after 2007's election. The vote got off to a violent start when a mob of 200 secessionists armed with machetes ambushed... More »

West African Leaders Push Ivory Coast's Gbagbo to Leave

20K flee country as violent confrontation looms

(Newser) - Last chance for a peaceful resolution? West African leaders met with Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo today to try to resolve the country’s post-election strife, the BBC reports. The heads of Benin, Sierra Leone, and Cape Verde met with Gbagbo, who has refused to step down despite international support for... More »

Kenya Feels Betrayed by 'Brother Barack'

US practices diplomatic tough love

(Newser) - Kenyans adore Barack Obama, affectionately calling him “Brother Barack,” but they’re starting to get the feeling he doesn’t love them back. The Obama administration has been far harder on Kenya diplomatically than its predecessor, Time reports. Last week Washington threatened to keep 15 senior officials from... More »

Fierce Rivalries Shape, Threaten Kenyan Politics

Power sharing compromise has resulted in a rancorous impasse

(Newser) - Election violence in 2007 gave way to an uneasy coalition between Kenyan PM Raila Odinga and President Mwai Kibaki, but that move seems only to have transformed the fighting on the streets into squabbling in the capital. Now, "Kenya does not have a functioning executive at all, just an... More »

Kenya Mourns Double Tragedy That Killed 136

Grieving kin blame poor emergency response in 2 fires

(Newser) - Kenyans are blaming the government for poor public safety and emergency response as they mourn the loss of 136 people in back-to-back fires at a Nairobi supermarket and on a rural highway. Emergency crews were slow to respond to yesterday's fuel tanker explosion, which came as they were still searching... More »

Africa Must Oust Mugabe: Kenyan PM

Power-sharing isn't working in Zimbabwe, Odinga says

(Newser) - Zimbabwe’s unity government is a sham, and the only way to break the deadlock is to force President Robert Mugabe to resign, Kenya’s prime minister said today. “Power-sharing will not work with a dictator who does not really believe in power-sharing,” Raila Odinga told the BBC.... More »

Kenyan PM: Intervene in Zimbabwe

Odinga is Mugabe's most vocal critic at African Union summit

(Newser) - Kenya’s prime minister blasted Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe today, saying it would set a dangerous precedent for the African Union to accept him as "a duly elected president," the BBC reports. "They should suspend him and send peace forces to Zimbabwe to ensure free and fair elections,... More »

Kenya Announces Shared Cabinet

Prez names opposition leader PM

(Newser) - Calling for Kenyans to "put politics aside and get to work," president Mwai Kibaki named chief opposition leader Raila Odinga prime minister today in a move to end political strife with a power-sharing cabinet. The 40-member cabinet, including two deputy PMs, was divided evenly between the two parties,... More »

Deal Reached in Kenyan Crisis

Analysts remain skeptical, noting past attempts at accord

(Newser) - Kenya’s election crisis may finally be over. President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga today reached a deal on a new cabinet, the BBC reports, ending the dispute that has long delayed a February power-sharing deal. The new cabinet will be announced tomorrow and should be in place... More »

Tough Work Awaits Kenya Lawmakers

Parliament, back in session, must figure out how to make peace deal work

(Newser) - Kenya's parliament reconvened today, the New York Times reports, and was immediately given the task of putting into law the power-sharing deal that ended the startling wave of violence that followed December's disputed election. "You must now become the ambassadors of peace and reconciliation,” President Mwai Kibaki told... More »

Kenyan Rivals Sign Peace Deal

Citizenry appears relieved, cautious after power-sharing accord is made official

(Newser) - Kenya’s rival political leaders signed a power-sharing deal today in a ceremony that brought jubilant crowds to the streets of Nairobi, the New York Times reports—a change from the violence that followed December's disputed election. The agreement creates a powerful prime minister position for opposition leader Raila Odinga,... More »

Kenyan Leaders Reach Deal

Annan says rivals have come to terms to end post-election crisis

(Newser) -  Kenya’s feuding leaders have finally reached a power sharing deal, Kofi Annan announced today after a four-hour meeting. Annan said he could not yet release details, but the deal is expected to spell out duties for the prime minister position to be created for opposition leader Raila Odinga,... More »

Annan Suspends Kenya Talks

Mediator says he will speak to leaders personally

(Newser) - Mediator Kofi Annan is suspending the talks to end the bloody crisis in Kenya. In lieu of the negotiations, the ex-UN Secretary General says he will speak personally to rival leaders Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga, reports the AP. "I hope people will understand this is a move intended... More »

Kenya Stalemate Frustrates Negotiators

Stonewalling by Kenya rivals paralyzing talks

(Newser) - Kenya's peace talks have ground to a standstill and the task of coaxing the country's two rival parties into an agreement is beginning to try even the patience of former UN secretary-general and lead negotiator Kofi Annan, reports the BBC. The two sides cannot agree on a power-sharing deal and... More »

Kenya Agrees to Create PM Post

Power-sharing deal would prevent new round of violence

(Newser) - Kenya’s government agreed today to create a prime minister position for opposition leader  Raila Odinga—the narrow loser in a disputed election for president in December—in an effort to prevent a new round of violence from tearing the African nation apart. The details are still being hashed out,... More »

Kenyan Rivals Make Deal for Election Review

No progress seen on power-sharing or new government structure

(Newser) - Kenya’s president and opposition leader today unveiled an agreement to examine the hotly contested Dec. 27 election, but the sides have made no progress on a deal to share power, the AP reports. "There is real momentum," said mediator and ex-UN chief Kofi Annan. The deal also... More »

Kenya Rivals Edge Closer to Power-Sharing Deal

Annan says deal is just days away

(Newser) - Kenya’s two parties are close to a power-sharing deal that could end the national bloodshed in the wake of the disputed December election, Reuters reports. The details were still being hammered out, but one opposition legislator said, “We have finally agreed that there is a problem in the... More »

Kenya Leaders Agree to Peace Talk Structure

Immediate issues could be resolved within 15 days, Annan says

(Newser) - Kenya's rival leaders have agreed on an outline for peace talks, Kofi Annan said today. Larger problems could take a year to iron out, but the ex-UN chief said the most pressing issues--ending the killings, aiding those hit by the turmoil, and fixing "immediate" political woes--could be solved within... More »

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