I am Legend

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4 Dystopias Health Reform Will Prevent

Could Obamacare prevent zombie plagues?

(Newser) - Perhaps the best way to explore how health-care reform will affect our lives is to consider the fictional dystopias the Obamacare society won't have to endure. Or, have io9 do it for you:
  1. A mutant plague. A rich country in which 30 million people have no access to preventative care
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Smith Too Jiggy With Hitler, Say Irate Jews

Legend actor said Nazi chief tried to do 'what he thought was good'

(Newser) - Will Smith finds himself in some hot water with the Jewish Defense League after telling a Scottish newspaper that Hitler didn't mean to do evil, but rather, using "a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was 'good.'"  The JDL denounced Smith's remark... More »

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