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Aquaponics Gaining Converts Among Gardeners

System of fish and fertilizer is catching on

(Newser) - Aquaponics—the word is a blend of hydroponics and aquaculture, the cultivation of fish—is backyard agriculture using only fish droppings as fertilizer. And it's not for everyone, at least yet. One man’s greenhouse “wouldn’t look out of place on a wayward space station where pioneers have... More »

Wild Plants—Even Stinging Ones—Wow Foodies

Organic foods make way for wild foods

(Newser) - Move aside, organic veggies—the new hot trend for foodies is eating wild. One forager recommends a leaf with "a bright green note that makes you sit up and pay attention, with a peppery zing. Imagine an untamed spinach." The Wall Street Journal investigates the herb he's speaking... More »

Ill. Bans Natural Hallucinogen

Defenders tout controversial herbal remedy's benefits as law closes in

(Newser) - An impending ban on a hallucinogenic plant used in religious ceremonies by Mazatec Indians in Mexico has defenders of the herb objecting to the fact that it's about to be illegal in Illinois. Possessing salvia divinorum will be a felony beginning Tuesday. Defenders of the herb insist it offers beneficial... More »

3 Stories