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Fed Swears Stimulus Won't Spike Inflation

Central bank will 'adapt flexibly' and one day reverse rescue plans

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve's plans to plunge more money into the economy are “necessary, safe, and effective" and “will not lead to adverse aftereffects,” Ben Bernanke's top deputy said today. Giving a speech at Vanderbilt University, Fed Vice Chairman Donald Kohn admitted that the Fed's balance sheet... More »

Obama Team Warns: No Magic Wand for Banks

Geithner will testify without a plan, take time to get it right

(Newser) - While the world watched Barack Obama take the oath of office yesterday, on Wall Street shares in the big banks plummeted as much as 29% as the markets took the worst pounding in inaugural history. Yet when Tim Geithner appears before a Senate committee today, the incoming Treasury secretary will... More »

Banks Face Simpler, Tougher Times

Effect of subprime crisis on bottom line shows no signs of abating

(Newser) - Investors waiting for the big banks to turn it around after 2007’s subprime debacle might be waiting a long time, the Wall Street Journal warns. The credit crunch has unraveled a complicated modern banking model that gave big firms nearly total balance sheet flexibility. “It was a different... More »

3 Stories