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Artist Dismantles Rosa Parks' Old Home, Takes It Overseas

Ryan Mendoza on holding Detroit structure 'hostage' in Berlin: 'America ... it's going to cost you'

(Newser) - What do you do if the blighted home your famous aunt once lived in is on the demolition list and you can't raise the funds to preserve it? In the case of Rosa Parks' former house in Detroit, her niece donated it to artist Ryan Mendoza, who took it... More »

Mystery Package Found at Drug Lord's Old Mansion

Safe also stolen from Pablo Escobar's former property

(Newser) - A mysterious package has emerged from a pink Miami Beach mansion once owned by Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. The current owner, Chicken Kitchen founder Christian de Berdouare, bought the waterfront estate for $9.65 million in 2014 with the plan to tear down the old mansion, unaware of Escobar'... More »

Syria Intentionally Demolishing Neighborhoods

Regime claims it's just 'urban planning,' not retaliation

(Newser) - Syrian military forces have been systematically using bulldozers and controlled explosions to level entire neighborhoods in Damascus and Hama, in what appears to be an attempt to punish citizens for their rebel sympathies, Human Rights Watch alleges in a new report based on satellite images and witness testimony. The imagery... More »

Pulverizing of Sandy Hook School Begins

Closed from public, to be completed by shooting anniversary

(Newser) - It was a plan months in the making , but construction crews this week began the take-down of Sandy Hook Elementary School. "Rarely has a major tear-down been conducted in such a hushed manner," observes the Los Angeles Times . Passers-by will have no view of the work site, which... More »

Ariel Castro's House Demolished

Victim Michelle Knight hands out balloons before demolition

(Newser) - At Ariel Castro's expense , the house where he held his kidnap victims for more than 10 years was reduced to rubble today, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. Onlookers and media, assembled before dawn, saw kidnap victim Michelle Knight distribute balloons to neighbors before the demolition. The balloons were released,... More »

Ariel Castro Has to Pay $22K to Raze House

Cleveland home is being torn down tomorrow

(Newser) - The house where Ariel Castro kept his kidnap victims hostage for a decade is getting torn down tomorrow, and Castro himself has to foot the bill, reports NBC News . As part of his plea deal to avoid the death penalty, Castro must pay the bank $22,000 to cover the... More »

Woman, 61, Found Alive in Philly Rubble

Demolition contractor pleaded guilty to fake auto accident

(Newser) - Rescue work is continuing at the site of a collapsed Philadelphia building , and another person has been saved. Twelve hours after the collapse, rescuers pulled Myra Plekam, 61, from the debris. She was awake and talking; now she's in the hospital in critical condition, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Meanwhile,... More »

Couple Buys, Destroys $4.2M Home to Improve View

House was blocking San Francisco skyline

(Newser) - A California couple bought and demolished a home that was standing between their $19 million home and spectacular views of the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge. Money manager Clark Winslow and his wife, who bought their Marin County home in 2008, purchased the neighboring home at auction... More »

Rubble Raisers: Banks Demolishing Scores of Homes

Communities urge demolition and land donation to reuse property

(Newser) - The economic crunch is sprouting vacant lots across the nation—and some communities think that's a good thing. Banks, encouraged by government officials, are changing the US landscape by bulldozing scores of foreclosed homes—at a cost of some $7,500 a pop—and donating the cleared land to... More »

MGM Wants to Blow Up Never-Opened Vegas Hotel

Casino company abandoning costly project

(Newser) - Hotel implosions aren’t exactly unheard of in Las Vegas, but it’s not every day the condemned is a brand-new, never-opened luxury tower. MGM on Monday submitted a request to the county office to implode Harmon Tower, a luxury hotel that was supposed to be the crown jewel in... More »

Why Banks Are Knocking Down Foreclosed Homes

Land donated to local governments

(Newser) - Did the bank repossess your home? Well, we’re not sure if this will make you feel better or worse, but there’s a chance the bank won’t profit from it—or even use it in any way. Banks have such a glut of repossessed homes that they are... More »

BP Has Failed; Blow Up the Well

The Navy should take over here

(Newser) - BP isn’t even trying to stop the oil leak anymore—Tony Hayward admitted as much to Congress last week. The company is content to wait months for its relief wells to come online. So enough is enough: It’s time to take this situation out of the bumbling hands... More »

Strapped Fla. County to Hollywood: Blow Up Our Bridge

Tampa span unsafe, so pols pitch studios

(Newser) - A Florida county is looking to demolish an old bridge, and hopes to convince Hollywood to foot the bill. Find a film that needs some fireworks, a Tampa politician posits, “And they would do it under their budget, and it wouldn’t cost us a thing, or very little.... More »

China Takes Bulldozers to Ancient Islamic City

Beijing plans demolition of one of the Silk Road's oldest sites

(Newser) - The Islamic city of Kashgar, in China's far west, has some of the best preserved traditional architecture on the ancient Silk Road, and more than a million tourists a year visit the rambling mud-and-straw buildings that Genghis Khan once passed by. Now, however, the Chinese government wants to tear down... More »

Air Force Ship Becomes Artificial Reef Off Fla. Keys

WWII cargo ship also tracked missiles and spacecraft

(Newser) - Demolition experts sank an Air Force ship this morning to create an artificial reef in the Florida Keys, the AP reports. The 17,000-ton, WWII-era cargo ship took less than 2 minutes to sink after a series of explosions. The new "reef" is expected to bring in about... More »

UN to Israel: Stop Demolition of E. Jerusalem Homes

City planning crisis means thousands of illegally built Palestinian houses

(Newser) - In East Jerusalem, overcrowding and strict rules about where Palestinians can build houses have led to the illegal construction of thousands of homes. Nearly a third of all Palestinian homes in the sector, occupied by some 60,000 people, were  built without permits. In response, the city government has issued... More »

Lock, Stock, and Orange Bowl

Every piece of storied stadium will go on sale ahead of demolition

(Newser) - College football fans can literally take home a piece of the action when Miami officials auction off every salable piece of the soon-to-be-demolished Orange Bowl in February. On the block are the giant scoreboard, players' benches, trees, and even the urinals. "You name it, it will be available,''... More »

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